What Everybody Needs to Know About Self-Defense

Usman Ashraf
What Everybody Needs to Know About Self-Defense
What Everybody Needs to Know About Self-Defense

Despite the fact that the best self-defense techniques and strategies work equally well for men and women, let’s face it: Women need them more than men since they’re more likely to be assaulted. Women are statistically more likely to be victims of some type of violent attack than men. Sexual harassment and verbal abuse are also more common in women.

Self-defense training for women typically consists of skills for quickly and efficiently eliminating an attacker, but the training should also focus on how to prevent the confrontation from escalating. As every beginner’s class instructor says, evading an attack is almost always better than blocking one, so you should learn to steer away from a threat as opposed than ripping out an attacker’s heart.

Here are a few Self defense strike points and concepts that have been proven to be effective in real-life situations. Physical techniques may seem familiar or even basic to you if you’re an experienced martial artist, but that’s fine. Because of the natural adrenaline rush and fear associated with an assault, the instructions are meant to be simple. It doesn’t always work in your favor, despite the superhuman effects adrenaline can produce – you’ve probably heard stories about grandmothers who lifted a car off their trapped grandchildren.

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It is possible for you to lose fine motor skills, to experience tunnel vision, and to experience auditory exclusion. As a result, it may be impossible to perform complex martial arts techniques, and it will be difficult to see and hear. Following simple, proven strategies and gross-motor movements – such as those described here – will significantly increase your chances of surviving.

What Everybody Needs to Know About Self-Defense


Women who have been assaulted enroll in self-defense classes too often. It is not unusual for them to recall the event saying that they had a bad feeling but told themselves not to be paranoid, or “I knew I shouldn’t have gone, but I did not want to hurt his feelings.”

A feeling of unease means it might not be safe – that’s the bottom line. There are a lot of women who are trained to ignore the warning signs of trouble. You should always follow your instincts when you are in danger. Listen to that little voice the next time you hear it.  


Ensure that you are not an easy target. Sometimes a battle’s outcome is determined even before it begins. You should take advantage of opportunities to escape a situation before it gets worse.  

Take the other side of the street if an approaching person gives you the creeps. As soon as an elevator door opens you may notice the hair on the back of your neck standing up because the person inside makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s not cowardly to act that way; instead, it’s a smart move to prevent harm.

 3. Be confident in your presentation

Become aware of what your body is saying to others. The weakest or most vulnerable people are targeted by human predators, just as animals do. Female attackers seek out women who appear distressed, confused, or distracted.
Women with their heads down and hands in their pockets are usually targets, as well as one who is distracted by children or overburdened with packages.


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