What exactly is the TikTok’moon phase’ test? How to Locate Your Soulmate

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A TikTok craze claims to reveal whether someone is “soulmate” by comparing the Moon on the day they were born.

People are making videos that compare the phases of the Moon on the day when two persons were born.

If the phases line up beautifully, forming a picture of the full Moon, the people are soulmates, according to the trend.

What exactly is the TikTok'moon phase' test?
What exactly is the TikTok’moon phase’ test?

And making your own is simple and quick using a couple of web tools.

Of fact, there is no evidence that the Moon phase determines your compatibility. Therefore there’s no need to be concerned if the results aren’t to your satisfaction.

The way the design works also means that the Moon appears good in most photo arrangements, so even if there is a gap, it is aesthetically beautiful.

The first step in making one of the videos is to visit a website that tracks the phases of the Moon, such as this one. You may then use a calendar to select any day in history and see how the Moon would have appeared on that night.

Take a screenshot or save an image of the Moon’s phase on your birthday, and then do the same for anybody you wish to participate in the trend. You’ll want to keep those for later.

It is now time to create the video. While this is a little more involved, there are tools that make it pretty simple, the most popular of which is Capcut.

Download the app for iOS or Android to locate a template with the trend. You can then customize it by including the screenshot you saved earlier as well as any text you want, such as your and your partner’s names and even birthdays.

You may then watch the video preview to see how well the two Moons fit together. Capcut makes it simple to upload videos, so you can directly upload them to TikTok and post them, however, you can also store them as private videos.

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