What happened to DMX? Rapper DMX is in critical condition after Heart Attack.

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Rapper DMX is in critical condition after Heart Attack Triggered by Drug Overdose as per reports. DMX was hospitalized on Saturday, a front man close to him told the media and he is in a critical condition after suffering a heart attack because of overdose of some drugs according to a report.

He’s 50 years old which makes it more dangerous for him to assume drugs. DMX is currently a transitional deacon and wants to become an ordained Pasto. DMX or you can say Earl Simmons, has been battling drug addiction for years and in 2019 canceled a performance at the Rolling Loud Music Festival just because of this drug addiction and immediately went to a rehab. He also missed a gig in Brooklyn where he had been scheduled to perform for Def Jam’s 35th anniversary; it was reported at the time.

Rapper DMX is in critical condition after Heart Attack Triggered by Drug Overdose as per report
Rapper DMX is in critical condition after Heart Attack Triggered by Drug Overdose as per report

The rapper previously checked into rehab in 2017, canceling shows at that time as well, according to sources. DMX was released from prison in January 2019 after serving time for tax evasion. Despite the pandemic, DMX had been holding modest performances this year and was planning a small tour in Indianapolis and Texas in May, according to his Instagram page. Drugs are very injurious to health and over dose can even make your heart fail and bring you to death. We hope speedy recovery to the rapper!

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Things to know about DMX and where is the rapper today?

DMX a famous rapper! DMX is a famous rapper and also an actor. He had also started his acting career but most of the people know him as a rapper.

He has multiple legal issues, including drug possession and animal cruelty. Popular rapper or you can say actor Earl Simmons is known to his fans by the stage name DMX or Dark Man X.

He is an American rapper and actor. His stage name was originally an acronym of “Divine Master of the Unknown”, but also pays tribute to an instrument he used in the 1980s so both of the origins are reason for his name DMX.

In 1999, DMX released his one of the best album which featured the hit single “Party Up, Up in Here” He has acted in many hit films some of them are Belly, Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds and Last Hour. In 2006, he starred in the reality television series DMX: Soul of a Man, which was primarily aired on the BET cable television network. In 2003, DMX published a book of his memoirs entitled, E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of DMX.

DMX was born in Baltimore, MD on December 18, 1970, to Joe Barker and Arnett Simmons who became pregnant with him when she was nineteen years of age. He was the second child born and his mother had a two year old daughter from a previous relationship.

He was raised as a Jehovah’s Witnesses. At a young age his Mother moved them to the infamous School Street projects in Yonkers where DMX would learn his trade of robbing. As a youth, he committed crimes such as robbery and spent much of his adolescence in and out of juvenile detention and youth group homes.

What happened to DMX?
What happened to DMX? Rapper DMX is in critical condition after Heart Attack Triggered by Drug Overdose as per reports

DMX always looked down on street level drug dealers and found it easier to simply rob the dealers of their earnings at the end of the day. While always close to his uncles and a few close friends he found his true companionship in the many stray dogs that he befriended. Throughout this period, DMX viewed hip hop as an escape from his troubles and he enjoyed beat boxing, turntablism, and eventually, rapping.

What does DMX mean?

The full form of DMX is Dark Man X. the story behind it was when he returned home, Simmons met Ready Ron, a local rapper, who, impressed with Simmons’ beat boxing skills, asked him to become his partner. Simmons chose the name “DMX”, which came from an instrument he had used at that home. He got very fascinated by the name later it become Dark Man X.

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DMX songs and albums:

DMX is a very popular name when it comes to music and rapping. The Baltimore born rapper and singer has sold more than 74 million records worldwide. DMX’s first five albums, starting with 1998’s its Dark And Hell is Hot, debuted at No. 1 on the charts. His albums to date have amasses 14 platinum certifications. DMX last album was released at 2012. DMX also provides music for cable and satellite television networks all over the world, including dish TV in Africa as well. The rapper has returned with a new track called “Bain Iz Back.” It is collaboration with Swizz Beatz, who produced some of DMX’s most famous tracks including “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” and “Party Up”.

Rapper DMX
Rapper DMX

American rapper DMX has released eight studio albums, five compilation albums, one mix tape, one extended play, forty-six singles including seventeen as a featured artist and twenty four music videos. 14 platinum certifications .

DMX signed to Columbia Records in January 2006. He recorded what would be his next album, “Year of the Dog” again, while switching record labels, which caused numerous delays. It was finally released on August 1, 2006, and lost the number one Billboard spot by only one-hundred sales. He released two more singles after that back to back.

DMX movies:

After his debut in the singing career DMX also started working on his acting career. He has been seen in many avatars as an actor not only a singer. He had done many films but his most hit movie albums are “Cradle to the grave”, “Romeo must die”, “exact wounds”, “never die alone”, “beyond the law” and “fast and fierce death race”. He had won hearts through his acting skills as well not only just by rapping. People started thinking of him as an actor as well as a rapper.

DMX net worth:

DMX net worth: DMX is a New York–born rap artist and actor who have a net worth of negative $1 million. Since the release of his debut album in 1998, he has produced seven studio albums and appeared in a number of films. DMX debuted at number 1, which is uncommon in the rap industry, and his music continues to be influential. He’s also currently the fifth best-selling rap artist in the United States. As of 2021, DMX’s net worth is estimated to be -$1 million.

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