What is Felicia Taylor’s identity? Former CNN Host Check Why Is She Arrested? Reports & Charges

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Felicia Taylor

You must have also heard Felicia Taylor in the media within the past few days. This name has generated a tremendous amount of buzz everywhere. This essay will discuss Felicia Taylor and why she is trending everywhere. Felicia Taylor is a 57-year-old former CNN host and correspondent now retired.

Felicia Taylor was a former employee of CNN International World Business Today. Felicia was recently arrested for crashing her white Mercedes into another vehicle and injuring its driver. After colliding with the other vehicle, Felicia Taylor fled the scene. The Palm Beach Police Department released information regarding his arrest and hit-and-run case. The other driver Felicia struck has been identified as a 24-year-old male seated in his black Ford when Felicia struck the rear bumper of his vehicle. Due to traffic in front of him, the driver of the Ford halted in front of Felicia.

The motorist disclosed sustaining various injuries as a result of the back-on collision. The wounded driver disclosed that he steered into the steering wheel after being struck from behind and had severe injuries. According to several allegations, Felicia Taylor departed the collision scene immediately after it occurred. Felicia did not even attempt to assist the victim; instead, she fled the scene. Felicia Taylor is a prominent figure in New York and Palm Beach. She immediately detained the on-duty police officers. The damage to the front of his white Mercedes was sufficient to establish her involvement.

Felicia Taylor

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Taylor stated that the mishap was not a major incident and that she was rushing to get home when police authorities stopped her. Additionally, Felicia Taylor lied to the police officers, claiming she was coming from the Colony Hotel. Even though the Colony hotel was closed that day, she told the cops that she was coming from there. She denied using drinks or drugs before driving. However, police officers also said that she did not smell alcohol. Felicia Taylor stated that the damage to her vehicle is her responsibility and no one else’s business. She also indicated that she did not stop after hitting the car because she believed the accident to be minor. She refuted all allegations. Felicia was detained by law enforcement and sent to the Palm Beach County jail. After the accident, she was charged with careless driving and fled the scene. Later, she was released on a $3000 bond. Stay tuned for recent national and international developments, news, and information.

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