The actual reason: Why Josh Hartnett decided to left Hollywood?

Josh HARTNETT explains why he left Hollywood
Josh HARTNETT explains why he left Hollywood | theguardian

Back in 2001, 22-year-old Josh Hartnett suddenly found himself hailed as the next big thing in Hollywood. But, as he said to The Guardian recently, “I never thought about having something huge.”

However, after his performances in “Suicide of the Virgin”, “Black Hawk Down” and “Pearl Harbor”, the industry seems to have other plans for the rising star. “Vanity Fair” in the July 2001 cover story. It clearly shows this, “Josh Harnett’s creation.”

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The 42-year-old “Target One” star lives with his wife, British actress Tamsing Egerton and their two children in Surrey, England. They are leaving the “huge” movie star role for him. Feel the time full of confidence back.


He is still trying to explore how the Hollywood machine can simultaneously support him as a huge star and question whether he deserves the status.

In reminding Jerry Bruckheimer to put him in the same “Vanity Fair” with Tom Cruise, he was reminded and said: “This is a moment of failure.

“The film promises that “Pearl Harbor” will “become a relatively unknown thing for international movie stars almost overnight,” and that unknown thing is Josh.


Josh was asked to play Superman and wanted to make this character a “fear-based” superhero that he “feared based on himself and his power” did not help.

The Guardian pointed out that he eventually abandoned the offer.

Josh said that since then, the Hollywood type “sees me as someone who has bitten my hand to feed me.” This assumption he is talking about now is not gregarious.


“It’s not like that. I didn’t do it to be strong or rebellious. People wanted to create a brand around me that was easy to reach and like, but I didn’t respond to the idea of ​​playing the same role over and over again, so I branched. In the process, I burned the bridge in the studio because I didn’t participate.”

In addition to the 2020 crime drama “Target first”, Josh has recently participated in the TV series “Paradise Lost” and “Thrilling Penny”.

Josh-hartnett left the hollywood
Josh-hartnett left the hollywood

He will also release three movies next year, including James Franco’s “The Long Home” and Guy Ritchie’s “Human Wrath.”

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