What is the identity of Jaswant Singh Chail? All About the British Man Caught Using a Crossbow to Attempt to Assassinate the Queen

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Jaswant Singh

Jaswant Singh Chail, age 20, has reportedly been charged with treason, threats to kill, and possession of an objectionable person. The individual self-identifies as an “Indian Sikh.” Jaswant, a Southampton resident, allegedly plotted the assassination of the 96-year-old emperor in retaliation for the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

Shortly after his arrest, a video that attracted the attention of many people emerged on the internet. The man has become a topic of conversation, and his name is everywhere on the rise. Let’s learn more about him and the issue in the following article.

Jaswant Singh

Jaswant Singh allegedly intended to seek revenge on the Queen for the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre. On Christmas Day of last year, officials reportedly spotted a 20-year-old male on the grounds of Queen Elizabeth II’s Windsor Castle.

They revealed the information on Tuesday, August 2nd. Now, reports confirm that he has been charged with treason. In addition, he was also accused of making murder threats and possessing a crossbow. Officials have confirmed that Jaswant is in custody and will appear before the Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London on August 17.

What is the identity of Jaswant Singh Chail?

Jaswant Singh

The Metropolitan Police stated that a man had been charged following an investigation by the Met Police Counter Terrorism Command into an incident that occurred at Windsor Castle on Christmas Day last year. Jasbir Singh Chail, Jaswant’s father, stated that their son had experienced a devastating setback, and they are scrambling to find what it is.

He stated that although they have not had the opportunity to speak with him, they are working to provide him with the necessary help. According to reports, Jaswant Chail grew up in a $600,000 semi-detached home on a gated estate.

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Reportedly, Jaswant Singh sent a Snapchat video to his friends in which he apologized for his past actions and future aspirations. He said he intended to attempt the assassination of Queen Elizabeth of the Royal Family. Jaswant added that it was intended as vengeance for the victims of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919.

Additionally, he stated that his name is Darth Jones, but he was born Jaswant Singh Chail. According to sources, he was apprehended on Tuesday while carrying a crossbow at Windsor Castle, where the Queen was spending Christmas Day. Follow our website’s updates.

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