What is Zoom Cloud Meeting|What is Zoom Bombing?

Jackson Alle

Zoom cloud meeting app is a leading video conference that allows video and audio conferences and chat. Nowadays, due to pandemic people have to stay in their houses.

In this way, this app will enable you to communicate with others. You can video chat with your loves one. But it also has a drawback, which is known as Zoom Bombing. 

Zoom Cloud Meeting | Zoom Bombing
Zoom Cloud Meeting

What is a Zoom Meeting?

 “Zoom Cloud Meeting” means a meeting that is hosting with the help of the Zoom app. Attendees can join the meeting via phone or web camera. They can attend a meeting or chat with friends. 

What is the Zoom bombing?

In the Zoom meeting, when someone unknown user interfaces in our meeting or chat and disturb you is called zoom bombing. 

Credit: Jessica Lessin

In the above tweet, there is a meeting that was held using the popular video conference app Zoom. During the video conference, everyone was sharing thoughts until an unknown person appeared.

The unknown person can ruin your conference or may share some pornographic content. If you are using Zoom without the right precautions, your meeting may be destroyed. 

Jessica Lessin, who is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Information, has tweeted. In which she said someone had hijacked her video conference and shared pornography.

How to avoid Zoom-bombing

There are some precautions with which you can prevent zoom bombing. 

  • You should set settings that the only host can share his screen. You can do this by click on Settings in the left-hand menu. Down to screen sharing and chose ‘who can share share’ host only.
  • You should add a meeting password. Before starting a meeting, you should add a password to prevent others from disturbing your meeting. 
  • You should disable file transfer.
  • You can set also Disable “Join before host” before starting a meeting. 
  • Host should disable “Allow removed participants to rejoin” to prevent from zoom bombing. In this way, if some unknown has entered the meeting after removing, he can not enter again with the same ID. 

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