What Kylie Jenner does to keep her hair and scalp in good nick?

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Kylie Jenner is currently dominating queen of Rapunzel hair, therefore well placed to share tips on hair maintenance. Oh! You might be thinking that Kylie’s hair is super short. And she usually wears extensions most of the time. Right?

But hair with extensions needs a lot of TLC to avoid breakage and scalp issues. So, what kylie does to avoid these issues and keep her hair and scalp healthy and amazing is likely to be valuable advice. Kylie Skin tweeted on their social media account about launching her own range of hair towels. Also, she took to IG to share a story about her own hair towel stan ship.

Kylie Jenner beauty line launches Hair towels
Kylie Jenner beauty line launches Hair towels

In that video, she said, “Okay, so I am obsessed with a hair towel. Once I started using hair towels, I‘ve not used one when I got out of the shower, so I had to add kylie skin hair towels to the site. These will launch on Tuesday (12th of January), and I can’t wait!” Kylie Jenner in the tweet wrote, “NEW Hair Drying Towel is available now on kylie Skin.” She encourages her fans and followers by saying, “you’ll love this super soft and fast-drying towel for your post-shower hair.”

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Why you should buy a hair towel from kylie Skin owned by Kylie Jenner?

This hair towel is super soft and has the quality of fast-drying as mentioned by kylie in her recent tweet. Moreover, this hair towel is usually made up of super absorbent microfiber material, which means they are thinner than the normal ones. Due to their being thinner, it results in a perfect solution for avoiding hair straining.

Kylie Skin launches new hair Towel
Kylie Skin launches new hair Towel

As well as the material used is smoother, the smoother material keeps the shine on strands by avoiding the scuffing effect o your cuticles that regular towels can create. The official website says, “This unique towel is quick-drying while being irresistibly soft and gentle.”

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