What Was the Identity of Sofia Olifrenko? Model, 24 Death Cause VIDEO OF MYSTERIOUS 60-Foot Fall From Hotel Balcony

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Sofia Olifrenko

Sofia Olifrenko passed away in Istanbul, Turkey on July 18 after falling from her fifth-floor apartment. She was 24 years old at the time of her death. CCTV footage showed that the young model had trouble walking and had to hold onto a wall. According to reports, the police have spoken with a Turkish man identified only as F. Okay in the local newspaper. He asserted that he witnessed Sofia “wailing” in public. The Turkish man informed the authorities that he was unaware of the woman’s name and that they had met on the road. Examine extra information about the subject in the article below and obtain the most recent updates.

The Turkish man claimed on the model, “She began to cry. I escorted her to her hotel room. She appeared quite intoxicated and was staggering”. Sofia checked into the hotel under the bogus name Alexandra V., it has come to our attention. In February, she sealed the knot with Romanian male model Istvan Sarkozy after believing the experiences. Istvan stated that despite the fact that his spouse had moved to Istanbul to work as a model on Might 9, he had misplaced contact with her three days sooner than she died.

Additionally, Istvan asserted that they lived in tranquility. He was reported in an announcement as saying that his partner did not use illegal substances or consume alcohol while they were together. He stated that after visiting Istanbul, he returned to Oradea, Romania, “with a terrible sense of loss” upon seeing Sofia’s body in the mortuary. Sofia’s family had asked for her body to be returned to Russia.

It remained unknown if Sofia committed suicide or was murdered. She was a beautiful woman, according to Istvan, who added that she was always cheery and full of life. Istvan uploaded a photo of himself with his late husband alongside a heartfelt tribute. However, this is not the first mysterious death of a mannequin in Turkey.

Sofia Olifrenko

Adolescent model Kader Kaya was discovered dead in a Turkish forest in August 2016, six years earlier, with rags stuffed down her throat, according to reports. The model had left residence for a work interview as a photograph mannequin, however she by no means returned. The local police determined after several days of inquiry that Kaya was murdered as her rapist attempted to prevent her from screaming. A 30-year-old man with two children was a convicted rapist.

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