What were the last words of General Bipin Rawat? Eyewitness statement

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What were the last words of General Bipin Rawat?
What were the last words of General Bipin Rawat?

What did Indian General Bipin Rawat say to the injured locals?

Indian Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Lakshman Singh Rawat, who was killed in an Indian Air Force helicopter crash, spoke to locals who were injured after the helicopter crashed.

According to Indian media reports, Shiv Kumar, an eyewitness to the helicopter crash that took place yesterday, has claimed that he saw Indian General Bipin Rawat alive after finding debris in the hills.

According to eyewitness Shiv Kumar, he saw an Air Force helicopter engulfed in flames and crash, after which he and others rushed to the scene for rescue operations.

“We saw three people falling from the helicopter, one of whom was alive and he asked us for water,” Shiv Kumar told the Indian News Agency.

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An eyewitness said that we pulled the man out of the rubble with the help of a chador after which he asked us for water. Shiv Kumar said that the man he spoke to was General Bipin Rawat. The eyewitness added that he could not sleep all night after the accident.

It may be recalled that an Indian Air Force helicopter crashed in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu yesterday in which 13 people, including the first Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) of the Indian Army, General Bipin Rawat, were killed.

According to Indian media, a total of 14 people including Chief of Defense Staff Bipin Rawat, his wife, Defense Assistant, Security Commandos and Air Force pilots were on board the helicopter.

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