What would happen if Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and other stars were in the Titanic?

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Have you ever wondered how Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and other tennis stars in the Titanic would have been? It is a pretty wild idea but also very interesting. These athletes are not just good athletes.
They are also very colorful personalities that will completely match into one of the greatest struggles of our time. Well, a Tumblr user has tried to achieve this by imagining a scenario in which our favorite tennis players like Federer, Nadal, Sascha, Dimitrov, and Tsitsipas are in the Titanic.

Let’s see how everyone will react once the great ship sinks! What would Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal do in the sinking Titanic? This is how Tumblr’s post describes the reaction of our favorite tennis personalities:


Roger Federer: Everyone in the first-class knows and respects him.
Always dressed impeccably, the best manners by far, can have a conversation with anyone and not seem snobbish. When the disaster occurs, he was offered a place in the lifeboat, but it is out of the question that he would take it if there are still women and children on board.

Rafael Nadal: While everyone drinks brandy,
They fill up in the restaurant and boast about his wealth, and he is in the gym. He joins everyone only after dinner, as a courtesy (and to be with Federer).When the ship begins to sink, he is trying to help everyone. He was last seen giving his coat to an older woman.


Dominic Thiem: Too friendly and shy for the first-class smoking room. he spends his afternoons drinking tea with old ladies, who want him to marry her daughters. When the ship begins to sink, it cries, because it can’t save everyone. He survives, but suffers the guilt of a great survivor.

Grigor Dimitrov: Only there to seduce the ladies, an important gold digger, has the biggest wardrobe. It’s in the Titanic because everyone who wants to say something is in the Titanic, but in reality, they struggle to be dizzy.

Alexander Zverev: Half of the first-class calls him “son,” even though he is not related to anyone. When the ship hits the iceberg, it is already asleep, so it appears on board half-dressed and really confused.
An officer sees him and thinks he is tall and strong, and they need men to row, so they put him in a lifeboat.

The worst decision ever, because Sascha can’t row at all. Stefanos Tsitsipas: pretend that he is very wealthy and successor to some states, an exiled Greek prince or something. In fact, You are completely bankrupt because the life you lead is not compatible with your bank account.


The last money he used … yes, for the tickets. Fortunately, you will get compensation after the sinking. Can you imagine similar reactions, or your interpretations would have been different?

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