When the U.S. forces searched for Afghans, a bomber in the crowd entered

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US officials said the suicide bomber waited until the last minute. Crowds entering Kabul International Airport gathered at the monastery gate, which is the main gateway for the Marine Corps and other military personnel.

The army knew that they might be the target of attack. Just the day before, the State Council warned that it was “trustworthy.”

When the U.S. forces searched for Afghans, a bomber in the crowd entered
When the U.S. forces searched for Afghans, a bomber in the crowd entered

There, more than 5,000 US troops helped evacuate more than 100,000 people in two weeks. The monastery gate is on the list.

US officials said that the airport guards closed the two gates, but decided to keep the gates of the monastery open.

 Earlier in the day, they believed that Taliban commanders and fighters had set up checkpoints along the airport route, preventing militants from two possible attempts to reach the airport.

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But the third passed.

At 5:48 in the afternoon, the bomber was wearing a 25-pound explosive vest and approached a group of Americans who wanted to enter the building for a medical examination. Officials said he had been waiting until he was searched by the US military.

Pentagon officials said they are still linking a series of incidents at the gate of the monastery on Thursday.

Kabul bomber

 There is an afterthought and storyboard with a detailed list leading up to the moment. I have a question: Why do so many soldiers gather so close? How did the bombers escape the Taliban checkpoint? Does anyone let him pass?

As the damage became more apparent, health officials in Kabul increased the death toll, saying at least 170 people died. On Friday, Afghans trying to escape Taliban rule continued to flood into the airport, but when the explosion occurred, it was estimated that there were thousands to hundreds of people there.

After 2:00 pm on Friday, when another gray-tailed American plane came out of the airport, it was carrying 13 coffins flying the American flag and was bombed on Thursday.

 It spread from Kabul to Kansas. In the morgue at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, military personnel are preparing for a ceremony to dress and prepare for another group of American soldiers who died in Afghanistan.

Pentagon officials said that shortly after the bomb exploded, nearby fighter jets started firing. Officials said that some Americans and Afghans may have been shot at the gate of the monastery.

 There was so much turmoil after the explosion that the military first reported a second suicide bombing at the nearby Baron Hotel.

According to Major General Hank Taylor, Deputy Director of Regional Operations, this proved to be a mistake.

The bomber is a 25-pound vest with a piece of metal inside that can be used as deadly shrapnel. There are dozens of Afghans and 14 soldiers at the Randstuhl Community Medical Center near Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Was repelled. Additional U.S. troops were injured.

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