Which organization to pinpoint, suffering from lack of gas?

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Shehzad Roy raised the point of which organization to pinpoint while suffering from lack of gas in Pakistan.

On 28 December 2020, a video was posted by Shehzad on his Twitter account, raising his voice on the scarcity of gas.

Shehzad Roy raised his voice on lack of gas
Shehzad Roy raised his voice on lack of gas

In the video, it was seen that he was sitting on a shelf of his kitchen between the sink and a stove.

He showed that he is unable to light the stove because of no gas there, he said, “he was about to make tea but couldn’t”

He included that those who are living in privileged areas of Karachi can afford a cylinder instead of no gas.

But what about those who are unable to afford cylinders and can’t even cook on daily basis.

Shehzad requested people to pinpoint the organization, responsible for the loss, and raise their voices.

He wants everyone to push that one organization and pressurize them so that the unprivileged might not suffer.

He posted the video raising his voice against the scarcity and captioned it as “who is responsible?”

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Nazim Haji retweeted, agreeing to Shehzad’s point of objection by writing,

“Agreed. Start with the elite class and gradually all domestic users should be on LPG cylinders. There are huge losses in the pipelines-known as UFG-UNACCOUNTED FOR GAS, which also includes theft.”

He also mentions The United Arab Emirates, as even Dubai does not have piped gas for domestic users.

General public’s opinion on lack of gas

Many of the social media users, replied to the tweet by saying that although the government is responsible, we, ourselves are culprits too.

People said we used gas as CNG and in our homes mercilessly for the last few decades and didn’t even realize.

Moreover, it was written by one of his followers that the taxes paid by people are collected in leaky buckets.

And our government’s personal interests are way more than national interest, all they care about is to remain in power.

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