White professor GWU, Jessica Krug admitted that she falsely claimed black status

A history professor at George Washington University admitted in a blog that he claimed to be black despite being white.

Jessica A. Krug said that she deceived friends and colleagues by falsely claiming several identities, including “North African blacks, black roots in the United States, and blacks in the Bronx in the Caribbean. “, she wrote on the Medium blog. She acknowledged that Krug’s areas of expertise include African American history, Africa, and Latin America.

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Krug did not return multiple requests for comment.

University spokesman Crystal Nosal said officials are aware of Krug’s position and are investigating the situation. She declined to comment further. According to the university’s website, Kruger has been teaching history courses at GWU since 2012, including courses on the African diaspora and African history. Aria Sakona, 21, said that this semester she will take Kruger’s Latin American history course.

African-American Sakona said there are several Latino and first-generation students in the class.

Sakona said: “These students have sharp eyes and are eager to learn about the heritage and history of Latin America, which makes me sad”. He focused on Latin America and international development while studying international affairs. “We all trust her very much.”

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Krug said in her blog

Krug said in her blog post that she used to “deceive boldly” but did not apologize for her actions. She said that she had struggled with the “unresolved mental health devil” all her life and began to impersonate as a child.

Krug has written numerous articles about blackness. He published an article about the Puerto Rican uprising against its governor in an article on the essence. Krug said she was a “boring person,” a term used by Puerto Ricans. She described herself as “a child who does not repent and does not deform.

” She spent a lot of time in New York advocating people of color and anti-gentrification railings.

Krug’s book “The Modernity of Fugitives: Politics and Identity Outside of Kisama, Angola and the American Countries”, c. From 1594 to present”, she was shortlisted for the finals under the names of Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass and won the finalist award. She became a member of the Black Scholars Network, many of them People went to Twitter to condemn Krug’s actions.

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