Who are the accusers of Adam Levine? Meet the female accusers of the married Maroon 5 singer.

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It appears like Adam Levine’s problems will not be resolved anytime soon. A day after Instagram model Sumner Stroh accused the lead singer of Maroon 5 of sending her flirty messages, three additional women have stepped forward to share their personal experiences with the same allegation.

Adam Levine denied having an affair with Stroh, stating, “I crossed the line during a regrettable time in my life.”

After Stroh, Maryka and Alyson Rose accused the singer of flirting with them. Soon after, a yoga instructor revealed that the 43-year-old singer had flirted with her. According to the Daily Mail, he told her, “I want to spend the entire day naked with you.” Adam Levine and Victoria’s Secret supermodel Behati Prinsloo, who have been married since 2014, are expecting their third child together. They have two children, Dusty Rose, 4, and Gio Grace, 3.


Through a series of Instagram stories, a comedian named Maryka accused Adam Levine of flirting with her on Instagram. During one alleged discussion, the singer reportedly tells the woman, “I’m now fascinated with you,” to which Maryka allegedly responds, “Dude, aren’t you like married?” Levine acknowledged the fact but stated that “it’s a bit complex.”


Maryka utilized the hashtag ‘#ExposeAdamLevine’ to describe how Adam Levine sent her a private video selfie and praised her beautiful physique. The musician urges her in one exchange, “Distract yourself by fking with me.” Later, he sent a video of himself declaring, “I’m an idiot.” In a separate exchange, influencer Dana Omari posted on Maryka’s behalf, praising the comedian’s “hourglass figure” with the phrase, “Holy fking FK.

This physique of yours is ridiculous.” Levine said, “I may need to see the booty,” and “Watching your jiggle on that table will scar me for life, but other than that, I’m amazing.” He continues, “I would do anything for it. I would buy it a steak meal and tell it sweet nothings. Now I want to tattoo my buttocks.”

Alyson Rose

Alyson Rose is another lady who has accused the award-winning musician of sending her sexually suggestive messages. Alyson Rose also posted screengrabs of Levine’s purported texts to her in a now-deleted TikTok video. According to one of the messages, “I shouldn’t be talking to you, do you agree?” Rose asserted that “many more inappropriate statements were made. I did not feel confident revealing everything.”

Alanna Zabel

Alanna Zabel, a yoga instructor, is another woman who has accused Adam Levine of sending her improper messages. She posted her almost 12,000 followers on her Instagram story: “Long overdue #ExposeAdamLevine. 2007-2010, I was his yoga instructor for a few years.

He often stated that he told his pals that his yoga instructor had the cutest a** in town. She said, “One day, he texted me, ‘I’d want to spend the day naked with you.’ My jealous ex-boyfriend saw me in the bathtub and became enraged.


Zabel claimed she told her ex-boyfriend that the text was intended for Levine’s then-girlfriend Becky, believed to be Rebecca Ginos, a cocktail server he dated from 2006 to 2009. She questioned Levine, but he did not respond. The yoga instructor added, “My ex-boyfriend became aggressive and broke my wrist.

When I told Adam about this life-altering, catastrophic event, he disregarded me and never apologized. She stated that Levine “removed me from the future tour and froze me out through one of the darkest periods of my life.”

Sumner Stroh

Sumner Stroh was the first person to accuse Adam Levine of sending her reportedly flirty texts. She stated on TikTok that she and Adam were together before losing contact for several months. The 23-year-old model also posted screenshots of her flirtatious conversation with the renowned musician.

The model also disclosed that Adam Levine contacted her to inquire about naming his third child after her. The new blow comes days after Behati Prinsloo, Adam Levine’s supermodel wife, confirmed her third pregnancy with Levine and posted a photo of herself with a baby bump.


The brunette, who studied at the University of Texas and is now working in Los Angeles, uploaded a snapshot of amorous texts between the two, in which Levine says, “It is unbelievable how f*g hot you are. As if it boggles my head. You are 50 times more attractive in person. In another screenshot, Levine asks Stroh if he may name his third child after her; she received this message “months” after the two had lost contact.

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