Who are the Taliban and what do they need? The truth

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A correspondent from The New York Times who visited Afghanistan in the colder time of the year 1995 detailed that following quite a while of barbarous common conflict, significant changes appeared to have occurred.

“Another power calling itself Islamic idealists and Afghan nationalists” immediately seized over 40{7d6bb1f761e691f027164c9fe6d1ebbc4659a250013ce39dc45a15ede39dbac5} of the country’s tactical control.

This is incredible on the grounds that numerous contenders were just strict understudies a year prior until they were outfitted.

Who are the Taliban and what they did after taking control of Afghanistan, Kabul.
Who are the Taliban and what they did after taking control of Afghanistan, Kabul.

Their name signifies “understudy”. The Taliban, they guarantee to be.

A fourth of a century after the fact, subsequent to dragging out the worldwide military coalition in a conflict that killed a huge number of individuals, the previous understudies are currently the leaders of the country.

Allow us to take a gander at the beginning of the Taliban. How could they assume control over Afghanistan twice rather than once? What they did on the first occasion when they took control-this time might uncover their arrangement.

Taliban flag
“No one will use Afghanistan for attack” Taliban officials arrange a Taliban flag, before a press conference by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, at the Government Media Information Center, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, August 17, 2021-Image credit; Aljazeera.com

When did the Taliban initially show up?

The Taliban occurred during the strife in the mid-1990s after the withdrawal of Soviet soldiers from Afghanistan in 1989. The association is established in the country Kandahar region in the southern Pashtun community.

In 1979, the Soviet Union attacked to help the Afghan Communist government, lastly experienced the destiny of the large powers of the past and the present, attempting to force their will on the nation: being removed from the country.

The Soviet Union was crushed by Islamic contenders called jihadists. The Mujahideen is an interwoven of revolutionaries supported by the US government who will take part in intermediary battles with Cold War rivals.

Nonetheless, the delight of triumph was fleeting, as the groups pulled out and started to battle for control. The nation is trapped in military leaders and severe common conflicts.

In this unique circumstance, the Taliban put Islamic qualities first, vowed to battle the debasement that made warlords battle, and immediately accumulated allies. In the wild battling about the years, they seized the greater part of the country.

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How does the Taliban run the show?

In 1996, the Taliban announced an Islamic emirate, and stringently deciphered the Koran and forced savage and public disciplines like whipping, removal, and mass passing. They stringently limit the jobs of ladies and keep them from going to class.

They additionally uncovered that threatening strict practices are unsatisfactory. In mid-2001, the Taliban annihilated an 800-year-old transcending sculpture called the Bamiyan Buddha, which is a marvelous article around the world.

The Taliban believed them to be disrespectful and flaunted that their obliteration was hallowed. “It is simpler to obliterate than to assemble,” said the fanatic Minister of Information and Culture.

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