Who exactly is Dhante Jackson? The suspect in the murder of Sophia Jackson is detained.

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 Dhante Jackson

Dhante Jackson, 33, was apprehended in the East Bay city after a six-month search, detained on accusations of murder and child abuse, and lodged in the Merced County Jail. Determine who Dhante Jackson is.

Dhante Jackson

A man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering 8-year-old Sophia Mason in Merced earlier this year.

According to the Merced Police, Dhante Jackson has complicated his capture.

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Saturday, the office of California Attorney General Rob Bonta eventually revealed his apprehension in Newark, California. The Merced Police Department, with the assistance of the Merced Area Gang and Narcotic Enforcement Team (MAGNET), the Department of Justice’s Special Operations Unit, the Newark Police Department, and the Merced County Sheriff’s Office conducted a months-long search and investigation that led to the arrest of the suspect.

What is her name?

Sophia Mason’s body was discovered in a bathtub in early March.

Samantha Johnson, who was arrested then, is now charged with first-degree murder and criminal child abuse. She entered a plea of not guilty.

What was Johnson’s position?

 Dhante Jackson

Johnson revealed in investigation documents from the Merced Police Department that she had not seen her child in the weeks preceding the murder.

In addition, according to the affidavits, Jackson subjected Sophia to physical and sexual abuse while she was forced to live in a backyard metal shack.

What did the Police Department of Merced say?

The Merced Police Department reports that Jackson will be returned to the Merced County Jail to face murder charges.

“We have been praying and hoping for his capture. We are ecstatic and extremely appreciative to learn that they have him and that he has been transported to prison. We haven’t heard anything; the case has essentially died down. We’ve heard that others are searching, but we haven’t received any leads or information.”

They say that Merced Police will hold a press conference to discuss the case on Sunday morning.

Who else is involved in this murder?

 Dhante Jackson

Officers also filed charges against four other suspects, one in Merced and three in the Bay Area, whom they allege assisted Jackson in evading capture.

Saturday, Action News interviewed Melanie Verlatti, the cousin of Sophia Mason. She asserted that the news of Jackson’s arrest made her family happy.

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