Who exactly is Trevor Summers? Florida Man Found Guilty of Kidnapping, Sexual Assault, and Attempted Murder Against Ex-Wife

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Recently, a Florida man was charged with kidnapping and raping his ex-wife. Trevor Summers, age 45, has been identified as the suspect. The Tampa Bay Times reported and validated the story of this horrifying tragedy.

Reports indicate that the jury found Trevor Summers guilty. According to reports, Trevor has been charged with kidnapping and raping the victim. According to reports, he held his ex-wife captive for two days. In 2017, Trevor Kendan divorced Alyssa Mathewson, his ex-wife, and mother of five. Trevor and Alyssa divorced after 16 years of marriage. 

Sexually Assaulted

In 2017, Trevor bound Alyssa to the bed, sexually raped her, and held her captive for two days. Trevor even penned dreadful, ragged letters to their children, both of whom were depicted in the letters as being in heaven.


These messages were too horrifying to read. This was one of the most awful and catastrophic events of 2017. 

The abduction of Alyssa made headlines that year. Although the court was on trial, Trevor and his ex-wife, Alyssa, were guilty of these cruel and horrific atrocities. Alyssa alleged that following her divorce, Trevor broke into her home, took her hostage, and sexually assaulted her, according to sources. 

According to reports, Trevor was also complicit in her kidnapping. Trevor is even accused of attacking Alyssa. Although Trevor did not refer to it as sexual assault, he referred to it as casual contact.

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Before sexually assaulting Alyssa, he allegedly broke into her house without permission and attacked her. She claimed that Trevor bound her with Christmas lights to her bed. Alyssa asserted that Trevor transported her to a field in Manatee County to evade law enforcement personnel.

 She disclosed that he would transport her in his automobile while she was restrained. Alyssa alleges that a Walgreens employee recognized her as a hostage and called the police to assist her. 

She also revealed that she feared she would die at the final stage since Trevor had a razor blade in his hand and was about to cut her wrist, and then he was going to kill himself; however, the police officers intervened and spared her from his captivity. Stay with us for recent updates, news, and national and international information.

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