Who gave poison to Imran Riaz Khan? Secret Information Leaked

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Pakistan: Who gave poison to Imran Riaz Khan? Secret Information Leaked. While in police custody, Imran Riaz Khan, a senior journalist, and anchorperson, was poisoned. On Twitter, he revealed the alarming news.

During his trip to Dubai for medical tests, Imran Riaz Khan successfully obtained an appointment with great difficulty, according to his lawyer Mian Ali Ashfaq. Due to his name being on the watch list, he was prevented from leaving Pakistan at Lahore Airport.

“Imran Riaz Khan had to leave for Dubai today on a return ticket for a lab test immediately after his physical examination, for which he got an appointment with great difficulty. Based on his name being on the watch list at Lahore Airport, he has been stopped – you will be responsible for further deterioration [of his health]” Mian Ali Ashfaq tweeted.

Who gave poison to Imran Riaz Khan?
Who gave poison to Imran Riaz Khan?

The reason Imran Riaz Khan traveled to Dubai was revealed shortly afterward. During police custody, he was given something dangerous to eat, his doctors believe. Consequently, he intended to go to Dubai for some medical tests to verify his claims.

Who gave poison to Imran Riaz Khan?

“According to my doctors, during my arrest, I was given something to eat that could be dangerous. I had to take some tests. So that I can prove what has been tried. Stopped at the airport. Full details shortly, ”Imran Riaz Khan tweeted.

Since the poisoning of Imran Riaz Khan, #ImranRiazKhanPoisoned has been a trending topic on Twitter in Pakistan. He is in the prayers of netizens who are concerned for his health.

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