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Alex Hall

The creators aim to premiere the series on Netflix on August 24, 2022, according to exclusive reports and sources. Throughout the series, additional brokers will emerge while marketing their houses, and those who can reach a deal with their clients will attract the audience’s interest. Netflix will have exclusive streaming rights to all episodes of the reality show. 

Therefore, you should be prepared with your app subscription, as there are only a few minutes left until the program concludes, following which you will obtain your favorite one. Consequently, you should simply arrange your television and smartphone screens while you await the precise schedule.

Who is Alex Hall?

According to sources, Alex Hall began her career in real estate in 2013, and since then, she has concluded many contracts. She has profited from a number of these transactions, which is one reason why she is generally referred to as the wise one. 

Because she will only experience a minor setback during her journey, she will retain the heat for an extraordinarily extended amount of time.

 In addition to all of these accomplishments, she is also an exceptional interior designer. In a nutshell, it is not wrong to describe her as a multitalented individual. It appears that she is sufficiently attractive because she completes her chores well.

Alex Hall, a 33-year-old real estate star, lives with her son and daughter, whose names she would not reveal. Regarding her private life, she is a real estate personality who resides with her son and daughter. Due to her strong belief in respecting the privacy of her personal life, her social media handles do not contain a significant deal of personal information.

Alex Hall

 Because of this, it would be inappropriate to make any kind of statement, and because of this, we will advise you not to chase any sort of false narratives or rumors until something genuine comes to light. Stay in touch with us because anytime we learn something new, we will surely share it with you on this page.

Only a week has passed since Selling Sunset’s spinoff, Selling The OC, was announced to be coming to Netflix, and we can’t wait to dive into this brand-new reality real estate drama. Even though the residences themselves will be incredibly gorgeous, we predict that the drama amongst the cast members will be equally captivating.

“Selling the OC” Cast:

Alex Hall

To back to the topic at hand, who is Alexandra Hall exactly? Even while the agent may not be as well-known as Christine Quinn (yet), we strongly feel that she will soon join the O Group in terms of fame.

The mother of two and real estate agent, who, according to People, was part of a listing for a property with a price tag of $100 million, is prepared for any career-related difficulties that may await her in California.

She stated this on the TODAY show: “I want people to understand that it’s difficult to work” (opens in new tab). “Despite our age, we’ve been brought together for a specific purpose. We’ve put in a lot of work. This is not an easy process.”

What can we tell about her interactions with other Oppenheim agents? The answer to this question remains uncertain.

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