Who Is Anu Tyagi? Shrikant Tyagi’s Arrested Wife Requests Increased Security

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Anu Tyagi

Here, we are informing you of significant news. Anu Tyagi is the wife of Shrikant Tyagi, who was purportedly arrested because his life was in danger. A video of her spouse abusing and assaulting a woman resulted in his suspension.

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The video has gone popular throughout social networking sites. Recently, this news was published online, and it is rapidly spreading on social media sites. All internet users are currently searching for this news online since they are quite intrigued about it. This post will provide you with additional news-related information, so let’s continue with the news.

Anu Tyagi, the arrested wife of Shrikant Tyagi, said that her husband’s life was in danger. A viral video of her spouse torturing and punching a woman led to his imprisonment. He was arrested on suspicion of molesting, inciting a disturbance, committing fraud, and violating parts of the Gangster Act.

Anu Tyagi

Since August 9, Shrikant Tyagi has been in judicial custody and is currently confined at the Luksar jail. Anu Tyagi, his wife, filed a petition with the Surajpur district court requesting security for her husband when he leaves jail to attend court proceedings.

In a petition to the district court, Tyagi said that her husband’s life was in danger and requested for his protection to be upgraded. She added in the petition, “Previously, mobster Vinay Tyagi attempted to murder Shrikant Tyagi, resulting in his fatal injury. Shrikant was granted Y-level security at the time, but it was revoked subsequently.”

Who Is Anu Tyagi?

Anu Tyagi
  • Anu Tyagi is the wife of arrested Noida politician Shrikant Tyagi, whose video of him insulting and threatening a lady became viral when it was posted on social media.
  • Her husband identified himself as a national executive member of the Kisan Morcha of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The political party, however, has maintained that he is not a member.
  • The police detained Tyagi for questioning, and she claimed that she and her family were subjected to mental abuse during the inquiry.
  • Ankita Sharma, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central Noida and Women Safety), responded that Tyagi was treated with the utmost respect.
  • Tyagi additionally stated that the BJP had abandoned her spouse. She stated, “I have observed him attending party programs, activities, and rallies… Now he has been left alone.”
  • She discussed the viral video of her husband abusing and threatening a female neighbor at the Grand Omaxe society in Noida’s Sector 93B.
  • Tyagi said that her husband’s language in the video was unacceptable and noted that he should have issued an apology.

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