Who is Cleotha Abston? Eliza Fletcher Murder Suspect Felony Charges Explanation

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Cleotha abston

Eliza Fletcher, a woman from Memphis, Tennessee, was kidnapped on Friday, September 2; her body was recently located by authorities. Since she was forcibly kidnapped, police officials have been hunting for her; nevertheless, the search for her has ended in such a horrible and heartbreaking manner.

Tuesday, September 6th, police officers reportedly discovered her body. Eliza Fletcher was reportedly jogging at 4:20 a.m. when she was forcibly kidnapped by Cleotha Abston. Cleotha Abston was subsequently apprehended by law enforcement.

Elisa Fletcher, a lady from Memphis, Tennessee, was kidnapped on Friday, September 2, and her body was recently retrieved by authorities. Since she was forcibly kidnapped, police officials have been searching for her; nevertheless, the search has ended in such a horrible and devastating manner. According to sources, police officers discovered her body on Tuesday, September 6th.

Elisa Fletcher reportedly went jogging at 4:20 a.m. when Cleota Upston forcibly kidnapped her. Later, Cleutha Upston was apprehended by law enforcement.

He was charged with kidnapping and evidence manipulation. Elisa Fletcher’s decomposing body was discovered by police officials prior to Cleota Upston’s court appearance.

Cleutha Upstone has alleged that he cannot afford bail or legal representation. After the discovery of Elisa’s body, Upstone was charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping.

Who exactly is Cleota Upstone?

Cleotha abston

On Tuesday, Cleotha Upston made her initial court appearance at 201 Poplar, Walter L. Bailey Jr. Criminal Justice Center on allegations of kidnapping and tampering with evidence. Cleotha Upston alleged throughout court proceedings that he could not afford his $500,000 bond or an attorney.

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On Wednesday morning, September 7, Cleuta Upstone will reappear in court on the allegation of premeditated murder. His death news devastated everyone. No one could have anticipated her death to be so horrible.

No one anticipated such a sad conclusion. Her sudden departure has left her family and friends devastated. All members of her community have gathered to express their deepest condolences to Elisa Fletcher’s family. Her church members expressed their deepest regrets and sorrow. Everyone wants her to receive justice. His abduction and murder shocked the entire community.

Cleotha abston

This event shook the entire region. Nobody could have thought that such a horrific event could occur in this quiet area. The authorities are conducting an investigation into this situation, and we may shortly anticipate updates and developments from police officials. We will keep you informed of any developments in this matter. There is little information about her personal life at this time. Stay with us for the most recent updates, news, and national and international information.

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