Who is Daniel? Sirena’s Background and the Son of Gloc-9

Gloc-9, also known as Aristotle Pollisco, is a well-known Filipino musician who recently shared a heartfelt discovery about his critically praised song “Sirena.” Gloc-9 stated in an interview with MJ Felipe on ABS-CBN News that the 2012 song is more than just a beautiful piece of music; it’s a heartfelt and intimate ode to his kid, who accepts his status as a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Who is Daniel
Who is Daniel

Gloc-9 revealed that “Sirena,” his number-one song, was a loving ode to his kid, honouring his identity as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. The song received considerable praise from a variety of audiences in spite of early misgivings. Years after the song’s release, Gloc-9 came out as gay and publicly showed his love and appreciation for his son. In the present, “Sirena” represents Gloc-9’s personal path of love and unconditional acceptance, representing an evolved meaning.

An Uncertainty-Inspired Song

When “Sirena” was first released, Gloc-9 acknowledged his initial anxiety about possible offence. Speaking candidly, he said, “I was afraid that I would offend someone.” During the song’s composition, he recognised the difficulty of seeing things from a different angle.

“Sirena” received a lot of positive feedback in spite of his initial concerns. Reflecting on the experiences of her LGBTQ+ buddy, Gloc-9 related an emotional interaction with a member of the production crew who found great meaning in the song. In addition, the rapper got comments from dads of LGBTQ+ kids thanking him for the song’s message of tolerance and inclusion.

Nothing compares to a father’s devotion for his children. Gloc-9 demonstrates his ability to be a devoted husband and father to his family. Gloc-9, you’ve genuinely amazed me even more.

Unveiling a Profound Significance

Gloc-9 considered the song’s own meaning after observing how it affected other people. “My son is gay,” he confessed. He hadn’t informed us at the time I wrote that. “I am proud to have a child like Daniel,” Gloc-9 said, expressing his love and pride for his son. A few years after the song’s release, he revealed that his kid came out.

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