Who Is Mika Singh’s Wife Akanksha Puri? Age, Instagram, and additional factors!

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Akansha Puri

 Age, Instagram, and beyond! A name is causing controversy and creating headlines, and this news has attracted widespread public interest. In the Swayamwar, Mika Singh has been chosen as his life spouse. 

Yes, you heard correctly; he chose Akansha Puri as his wife on the Swayamvar reality show. Sunday’s decision was made by Mika Di Vohti, the singer, after a dazzling finals program. 

This news is spreading rapidly on the Internet, and people are discussing it and attempting to learn every aspect. We will attempt to provide all pertinent information in this article.

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Who Is Mika Singh’s Wife Akanksha Puri?

According to the article, Mika chose Sunday following a dazzling finale episode that will air today, Monday, July 25. 

Mika is the most recent star to choose his life mate through a Swayamvar/The Bachelor-style show, following Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Sawant. He had earlier stated that he was committed to marrying and settling down. 

Akansha Puri

Regarding the final results, a source stated, “When Mika did not marry Akansha on stage, he placed the wedding garland on her to indicate his preference.” Scroll down the page for additional news-related information.

Who Is Akanksha Puri?

Moreover, he stated that he desires to spend quality time with her away from the cameras before the wedding. Mika also met the Akansha family and received their blessing before embarking on this new path with her. 

After the announcement, Akanasha also took to Instagram to convey her joy with Hena-covered hands. There are still other things to say about the news, which you will find in the following section of the article.

Additionally, you may view her gorgeous hands-on social media. Akansha was in contention along with Prantika das and Neet Mahal. She was Mika’s longtime friend but came to the event as a wild card after other girls inquired about her.

Akansha Puri

 In the March interview, Mika stated that his professional obligations prevented him from being ready for marriage. However, following a conversation with his older brother, the singer Daler Mehndi, Mika concluded that he should wed immediately.

 In the past two decades, he has declined between 100 and 150 approaches, citing his work as his highest priority. Everyone agrees that he is a talented singer. We hope for a happy marriage. Continue to check back for updates.

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