Who is Nam Yoon-sung? A member of Noir was charged with beating and threatening his ex-girlfriend.

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Nam Yoon-sung

Celebrity-related scandals in South Korea always find a way to erupt. In response to the news that a member of a boy group that appeared on the Mnet survival show ‘Produce 101’ was charged with beating his ex-girlfriend with a weapon, fans began to inquire about the idol’s identity. On August 19, 2022, it was reported that a “Produce 101” trainee was held in court and sentenced for attacking and threatening his ex-girlfriend with a knife.

The musician was also allegedly accused of strangling the victim. As soon as it was reported that the idol had been indicted without imprisonment and sentenced to two years of probation, fans demanded to know the idol’s identity. According to reports from the 20th of August, the icon is Nam Yoon-sung (Nam Yun-sung), a member of the 2018 boy band NOIR (Noir).

What is the identity of Nam Yoon Sung?

The idol accused of beating his ex-girlfriend, Nam Yoon-sung, was born in 1996 and is a member of the boy band Noir under the label LUK Factory. Due to health issues, he exited Season 2 of the Mnet survival show Produce 101. Following his departure from the program, the trainee debuted as an idol.

Nam Yoon-sung

Charged with two years of probation, Nam Yoon-sung

According to News Daily Korea, Nam Yoon-sung was legally reprimanded for threatening and hurting his ex-girlfriend with a knife. The member of Noir appeared before the 16th Criminal Division of the Seoul Central District Court on allegations of injury, great intimidation, and house trespassing without being detained.

The musician was given a one-year prison sentence and two years of probation. Due to the absence of criminal history, Nam Yoon-sung will not be imprisoned but instead placed on two years of probation. Additionally, the superstar was forced to perform 80 hours of community service. Nam Yoon-sung was put on trial for allegedly breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s residence, who refused to meet with him.

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It was alleged that the Noir member had been harassing his ex-girlfriend for two weeks before the incident occurred in October of 2021. According to reports, Nam Yoon-sung came into the woman’s home and threatened her with a knife, pleading with her to reunite with him. When his ex-girlfriend defied his orders, he became furious and attempted to strangle her.

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