Who is Yul Kwon? Former Survivor winner is all set to look on NBC’s Snake within the grass.

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Yul Kwon

“Snake in the grass,” a survival series, will premiere on NBC on Tuesday, featuring 4 former reality TV contestants who will be abandoned in the wild for 36 hours. They can win $100,000, but only if they identify the snake among them.

Yul Kwon is one of the 4 contestants appearing in the series. Previously, He is known to take part in seasons of the famous reality TV program “Survivor.”.  He took participation in “Snake in the grass” to prove he was not a desecrator. Bobby Bones is the host of this show, featuring a new group every week; The quartet has to name the “snake,” or the saboteur amongst them, whose task is to sabotage the team.

If the team successfully identifies the snake, they split the prize money. If the ‘snake’ is successful, he wins the entire amount.  With just a matter of time left till the premiere, here’s all you need to know about Yul kwon. 

The champion of Survival 13:Cook Island

Yul Kwon

Snake in the grass isn’t the first survival show Yul kwon is featured in; He has participated in the first 

two seasons of “Survivor.”Making his debut in “ Survival 13:Cook Island” and won first place.  After thirteen years, he appeared on “Survivor 40: Winners at war” but didn’t become champion this time.

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Being Survivor’s first American-Asian winner, Yul is known for his strategic and logical plays,  and a d was so skilled with his strategies and alliances, he found no need for the Immunity Idol on day 5 of “Survivor 13:Cook Island”.

Yul Kwon helped nonprofits raise awareness for minority bone marrow donors. 

Yul Kwon

In an interview with Xfinity, Yul revealed the death of his roommate, the cause being the unavailability of bone marrow donors. Since then, he has been helping raise awareness for minority bone marrow donors.

Yul’s work on Barack Obama’s campaign.

There’s more to Yul’s resume than survival shows. He spent time working on Barack Obama’s campaign and Was also the host of “America revealed,” a TV series on PBS.

 Yul worked in project management and left an impact on the tech world after he worked for Google and Facebook by helping build tools to track COVID-19 spread  for google, he also owns a frozen yogurt chain AND is a lawyer;instructor at the FBI academy.

Yul kwon’s attempts to prove that he isn’t the “Snake”  in “Snake in the grass”.

In the exclusive snippet shared by Us weekly, Yul is seen swimming through the ocean, to prove he wasn’t the snake, However, His colleagues Earl Cole, Malcolm Freberg, and Jeff Zausch, didn’t trust him. After the main key to the buoy was found, the decision to send Yul swimming across the ocean to give the key to Bobby before the time ran out was made. Yul confesses that he would only declare their suspicions true if he didn’t complete the challenge, saying that it was like a do or die situation for him.

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