Who murdered Nicole VanderHeyden, and what caused her demise?

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Nicole VanderHeyden

We have news to share with you. Date: The upcoming eleventh episode of Season 2 of the compelling and gripping real crime series Unforgettable will explore and dissect the terrible murder of 13-year-old teacher Nicole VanderHeyden and her mother from Green Bay, Wisconsin. The story begins in May 2016, when VanderHeyden was brutally murdered by a Wisconsin teenager named George. S. Burch.

This series is popular among the general public, and fans eagerly anticipated the next episode. The audience is highly interested in the series. We have more information on the series, which we will share in this article, so let’s proceed.

As expected, Unforgettable Season 2 Episode 11 will premiere on Oxygen on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, at 8:00 PM ET. The title of the most recent episode is Justice for Nikki. The official plot summary for the second season of Dateline: Unforgettable is as follows:

Nicole VanderHeyden

 Oxygen announced the episode. The second season of Unforgettable generated much attention among those who admired the effort. You are in the correct place to obtain accurate information regarding the series.

History: Incomparable – Who Killed Nicole VanderHeyden?

George S. Burch is allegedly a 40-year-old Wisconsin police officer. He was named as the suspect in the murder of Nicole VanderHeydan, a 31-year-old mother of three. The specifics of the murder will be disclosed in the eleventh episode of Season 2 of Dateline: Unforgettable. Nicole had a heated disagreement with her boyfriend, Douglas Detry, on May 20, 2016, while in a bar with her children to watch a glam rock band perform. Both had a fantastic relationship. In addition, they had a six-month-old child together.

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Nevertheless, things did not look good throughout their encounter. The pair appeared to be experiencing numerous difficulties in their relationship. On the same day in 2016, following a bar brawl, Nicole allegedly went to another bar named Sardina Can. Douglas was not present, regrettably. 

When Nicole left the pub to return home, George S. Burch deceived her by offering to drive her. Season 2 of the Dateline series Unforgettable contains episode 11. Here, we have published all of the available information. Stay in touch with us.

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