Who Was Anna Jones? Georgia Prof Richard Sigman Shot Her Dead Charged With Murder

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Anna Jones

The recent news tells us that Richard Sigman, a University of West Georgia professor, was charged with murder. After this incident, the death of a student by his hands, Richard Sigman, was taken into custody. Along with murder, he has been charged with many crimes, including the illegal ownership of a gun and extreme assault(grievous bodily harm). Based on what reports from significant sources tell us, Richard Sigman was arrested for the murder of a University freshman, a student who was named Anna Jones, and she was 18 years old when she was murdered. As of now, the murderer Richard Sigman has been charged by the authority with the misdemeanors that have already been mentioned above, and we know that murder wasn’t his only crime. Now, you must be curious about who Richard is and the story behind why the student, Anna Jones, was murdered by him, so without further ado, and wasting more time, let us get straight into it. You will find all the needed information shared in the article below.

What led to the unfortunate demise of Anna Jones?

Anna Jones

Based on the Carrollton Police department reports, the 47- year-old man, Richard Sigman, had gotten into a conflict with another person (man). And this conflict took place in Carrolton in an Italian restaurant. Further, we are informed and get to know that the man with whom the University professor Richard Sigman got into a conflict reported to the security at the restaurant that Richard was threatening to shoot him with a gun. After being informed about this, the security at the restaurant noticed Sigman’s gun. Since they wanted the restaurant to be secure and place the people at the restaurant’s security in the first place, they asked Richard Sigman to leave the restaurant. And Sigman did that. He left the restaurant and went to the parking deck. 

What does the police tell us?

Anna Jones

Adding on, we are informed that Richard Sigman shot the teenage girl Anna Jones to her death when he was in the parking lot. We are informed that as soon as he entered the parking lot, he opened fire and started shooting at cars everywhere, and unfortunately, one of the bullets collided with Anna Jones, who was with her friends in a car. After getting shot, her friends immediately drove her to the hospital, but the doctors brought grievous news that they could not save the young girl as she had already succumbed to her death. A post on Facebook was shared to the public by the officials proclaiming that the case had not been closed, it is still seeing much investigation, and the investigators are looking for any crucial details or pieces of data that might help them get to the bottom of why Richard killed Anna. 

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According to the Caroll County Jail’s online records, Richard Sigman was “booked.” Since the case is still not solved, we have no clear information as to why the killing was made. We know that Richard Sigman is no longer an employee of UWG (University of West Georgia). Her death is being mourned by her family, who express her as a kind, caring girl everyone loves.

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