Why Lisa Rinna reacted to daughter Amelia’s link up with Scott Disick as a “WTF Moment”

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In tonight’s episode of the show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna disclosed what she got very concerned about her young girl Amelia and the dating rumors she had with Scott Disick. Here you can see her reaction about it!

For Lisa Rinna mothers knows the best about her child and it’s clear that she was left shocked by her girl’s romance rumor with Keeping With the Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-husband Scott Disick because of the couples’ 18-year age distinction. In the episode of the Real Housewives that appeared on 30th of June, Lisa confessed to her co-stars that she initially could not believe Scott and Amelia’s relationship. “It’s a what the f––k moment. You’re like, what the f––k? She’s 19 and he’s 37 with three kids.” She revealed to pal Erika Jayne.

Scott is a father 3 kids Mason, Reign and Penelope with his former partner Kourtney Kardashian. While Erika in agreement with Lisa that she is very little nervous regarding it and each Bravo stars had to admit that over a decade age distinction is not a problem in Beverly Hills.

Hamlin was with Andress once she was forty four and he was twenty eight, Lisa claimed, talking about her husband and Amelia’s father. Erika conjointly met her husband Tom Girardi once she was twenty eight and he was fifty.  

Lisa hoped that Amelia’s love for Scott is simply a section however the mother of 2 could not facilitate how to raise her and asked with her cast mates later within the episode to help her find a way to act how she meets the Talentless founder.

Lisa said when she first met Disick she was very amazed that how would her daughter adjust with such older guy and how will she follow his footsteps.  

Kathy Hilton suggested that she should relax and then she will be able to do a touch curtsy. But Kyle Ivor Armstrong Richards, who is the best friend of Kris Jenner wasn’t jocular around. She said “He’s too damn old and he’s got three kids! That’s not a good match,” Kyle stated that would not allow even her daughters to date someone so older. Garcelle Beauvais did not mince words and stated that she firmly mentioned in her booth before teasing Lisa saying that she can be a grannie of three! As age defect gets nearer to Scott and his children, it appears Lisa ought to return to terms with their relationship even more.

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