Why Peshawar High Court orders to ban tiktok?

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PESHAWAR: PHC Chief Justice (CJ) Qasier Rashid Khan said that the ban will not be lifted till the shameless substance is eliminated from the app.

Why Peshawar High Court orders to ban tiktok
Why Peshawar High Court orders to ban tiktok?

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Director General (DG) told the court he reached TikTok the board to eliminate the unusual content yet he didn’t get any reaction. Tiktok will be banned till then.

The orders were given by PHC Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan, who was hearing a request documented by a resident looking for a prohibition on TikTok.

The main reason of banning TikTok in Peshawar is a terrible fight against two boys which stood up so large that their families have been involved. According to sources it is said that because of TikTok the two young children got influenced and started accusing each other for no reason. The dispute begins with a small argument of roasting each other but ended very terribly. As both the parties are involved it is said to be a big fight between them. They beat and threatened each other. In this case some of them also lost their lives. It is been pathetic situation all started from TikTok. Many complain were registered then regarding the boycott of TikTok.

The judge added that individuals that were for the most part influenced by TikTok were the young.

 “Tik​​tok videos are spreading obscenity, it [the app] should be shut down immediately,” ordered Chief Justice Qaisar Rashid Khan

He additionally asked the DG Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), who was available in the court, if closing down TikTok would hurt individuals running the application, to which the DG reacted in the positive.

When the judge heard this news of 2 boys, he saw that TikTok ought to be closed down till the organization reacts to the public authority on the “shameless” content being posted on the site.

This is the second time that the generally utilized App has been prohibited in Pakistan. All the time warnings were giving to the app administrations but still they things didn’t work well.

In October a year ago, PTA blocked the Chinese app named TikTok because of some immoral activities happening within the app. Due to these unusual activities and not agreeing to the conditions of neglecting sensitive content, TikTok was boycotted by PTA

At that point, the PTA had said that the progression was taken after they got various grievances and complains from various fragments of society against “unethical and revolting” content on the video-sharing application TikTok.

But however it was again unbanned due to step taken by the app authorities that they will remove all the vulgarity and sensitive content within the app and provide an echo friendly atmosphere.

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