Why President Donald Trump is getting attention more than any news now?

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Mary-Trump-Book Too much and Never enough
Mary-Trump-Book Too much and Never enough

An interview in Axios on HBO of Americas President Donald Trump is getting attention more than any news now, what’s the reason behind it?

 The actual reason behind the attention towards the Axios Donald Trump interview?

President Donald Trump fires back on Russia and blamed them for the reason behind the increasing numbers of coronavirus cases, it is just because of Russia’s fundings to the Taliban. Is it true or not?

Jonathan Swan’s interview with Donald Trump for Axios rises a lot of questions you can watch the interview below

Swan challenges the eagerness of trump on his most common statements………

The president is gifted with the skills of exaggerating issues, misleading other and false statements it’s the routine of his conversation. He answers the questions with a fusillade of assertions makes reports to know where to interrupt him and where just let him continue his speech.

Swan and President questions answeres

Swan, though, argued against Trump on some of his oft-repeated lines at some key flashes. Example: Trump’s numerous attacks on mail-in voting as fraudulent.

TRUMP: “You look at some of the dishonesty having to do with universal mail-in selection. Absentee voting is OK. You have to apply. You have to do it through a process.

SWAN: “You have to apply to mail-in. It’s a similar thing.”

Trump then look a bit irritated and heave on his coat.

TRUMP: “Look, they are sending out millions of ballots.”

SWAN: “No, it’s applications. You can find them off the Internet.”

When he was talking about his response towards COVID 19, trump repeated his point, he banned travel from china. 

Then swan said “ it was already here, when you banned china, coronavirus came in though Europe” 

This was the 4th interview of President Donald Trump. Swan gets criticism for not pushing back Donald Trump Claims about his birthrights citizenship previously. He declined several times and said that he wanted his interview to speak for himself but he didn’t do it because of the deadline a few days ahead of time that the sit down was to be expected as go. It was taped in a documentary-like other series of HBO. It wasn’t much of the interview that didn’t make the concluding cut.

He also said he didn’t get any reaction from the white house.

VandeHai said white house might not love our courage of questioned them because the interview was tough and fair. We are not hyperbolic, don’t have reporters just popping on twitter. We don’t have pages to get opinion, Swan is the least partisan reporter according to my point of view. He is kinda tough and rough on everyone but he is exactly like you wanted him to be with others. 

Swans background 

Swans was born in Australia, after working for the Sydney Herald he joined the Hill. He became a famous political reporter for Axios in 2016 and developed his reputation through his inside sourcing and shovel.

A challenge that we faced before interviewing Donald trump is that; his personality is at the extreme, in self-confidence and he always tries to dominate the next person’s conversations. So, you need to be a sort of careful in all the preparation of the interview to push back respectfully. 

This interview was interesting as an entertainment show showed the values of predation and the capability to pay attention besides, the values of the time. Donald Trump previously done 

Many interviews, but swan did a good job and while his being rough he didn’t make the president walk off from the set. President tried his best to move forward from his points but swan didn’t let him. 

Trump and Swan arguments on black community

TRUMP: “I did more for the Black community than anybody with the likely exemption of Abraham Lincoln, whether you like it or not.”

SWAN: “You consider you did more than Lyndon Johnson, who accepted the Civil Rights Act?”

TRUMP: “I got criminal justice reorganization done. I got prison reform.”

SWAN: “Lyndon Johnson. He voted for the Civil Rights Act.

TRUMP: “How has it worked out, if you look at what Lyndon Johnson did?”

SWAN: “You think the Civil Rights Act was a blunder?”

TRUMP: “How has it worked out? Because frankly, it took a long time.”

SWAN: “But you think that was a blunder.”

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