Why the Hollywood red carpet may never be able to reproduce like it used to

Although the Venice Film Festival is the first fashion parade in months, the possibility that celebrities such as Cate Blanchett will re-dress past clothing and that brands may spend their budget elsewhere is changing: “This It’s actually a good breakthrough,” said Christian Siriano.

At first glance, this is what happened on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival in early September. Cate Blanchett, the chairman of the jury, appeared in a shiny Esteban Cortazar dress on the opening night, although it was “reclaimed” from earlier wear, some Armani Privé and Alexander McQueen figures appeared later, Some are new, some are repetitive.

Tilda Swinton, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award, made her debut in Chanel high fashion, while women’s works by Vanessa Kirby came from.

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Valentino fashion.

Since the Oscars in February, the Venice celebration has been the largest collection of star names in many months. In between, the earth is hovering in the new coronavirus pandemic.

The fashion industry and many other industries have almost stagnated, except for fashion found on stars on IG feed, or pretending to walk.

Roberta Armani, the niece of designer Giorgio Armani, who is in charge of the relationship between celebrities and VIPs, said that the house returned to restore normalcy.

In her letter to THR, she said:

“This is very important, for many reasons-for our mental health, our economy, and our confidence in the future.” “Perhaps in the future, all of us need to A new way of living has restrictions on our behavior, but we need to navigate reality in a way that can see the light in the end. Tunnel. Armani is closely related to the red carpet, movie stars and movies. Therefore, if the Venice Film Festival is to be held, we only need to support it there.”

Closer to home, I am not sure about the Los Angeles representatives of many international fashion companies who did not want to be named.

 She admitted that the Venice contest “successfully managed the red carpet without focusing on new things,” she said, due to some backlash in the early stages of the pandemic Some Hollywood stars are still avoiding this kind of exposure: “I think people are scared at first, like, “We look privileged. We look out of place. ’”

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