Why US State Department lifts global advisory ‘Do Not Travel’?

After a long epidemic four months, the US State Department canceled its warning on Thursday, warning American citizens not to travel abroad.

The U.S. Department of Commerce issued No Travel Advisory-the highest level of the travel advisory, on March 19 to urge U.S. citizens not to travel abroad due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Why the European Union has banned American tourists?

Despite the cancellation of guidance from diplomatic agencies, American travelers still face travel restrictions in countries around the world, due to the increase in the number of fatal diseases in the United States.

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The European Union has banned American tourists from entering the country, and the United Kingdom requires tourists from the United States to quarantine for 14 days.

Non-essential travel between the United States and its northern and southern neighbors Canada and Mexico is restricted, at least until late August.

Due to the high risk of Covid-19, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control still advises not to travel, and stop unnecessary trips to more than 200 destinations.

The “Don’t Travel” advisory recommendations that came into effect in March “Due to the global collision of COVID-19, US citizens should avoid all international travel” and urged “in countries where there are still commercial departure options for Americans” to arrange immediate return to the United States “.Countries, unless they are prepared to stay abroad indefinitely.”

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But now the situation is improving day by day, patients count lessen that’s why the US state department took a step and lift advisory of not traveling, still, US states spreading awareness about not necessary traveling. People could travel if need otherwise there is no need to travel and get infected while patients counts is decreases. 

There is no need to avoid precautionary measures?

Precautionary measures are still important for everyone; we have to save our family to avoid any mishap.

It was confirmed by CNN that the international travel industry takes an important step to avoid any new cases of corona virus, and announced worldwide traveling can’t recover before 2024. Commercial flights options had disappeared and the border was closed to stay away from any new cases.

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