Wildfires in Greece raged and cut the island in half

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Three fires swept through Greece, one of which threatened the entire town and razed Evia, the second largest island in Greece.

On Saturday, three fires broke out in Greece:

One fire threatened the entire town and razed the country’s second-largest island, Evia. Others swallowed the forested mountainside and bypassed the ancient ruins, leaving behind a trace of destruction described by an official as a “biblical disaster.”

A fleet of 10 ships 2 Coast Guard patrols, 2 ferries, 2 passenger ships, and 4 fishing boats waited at the seaside resort of Pefki near the northern end of Evia, ready when needed To evacuate more residents and tourists, a Coast Guard spokeswoman told The Associated Press that it is customary to remain anonymous.

The fire in Evia forced about 1,400 people to evade seaside villages and island beaches on Friday night:
After the approaching flame cut off other escape routes, various ships were evacuated by various ships.

Other dangerous fires occurred in the southern Peloponnese peninsula in Greece, one near Ancient Olympia and the other in the Peloponnese area south of Sparta. On Saturday afternoon, the fire in East Olympia moved east of the ancient site, threatening the village.

In northern Athens:

The forest-rich Parnitha National Park is still burning and occasionally bursts out suddenly, but a spokesperson for the fire department told the Associated Press late Saturday night that containment efforts are “going smoothly.”

A volunteer firefighter died on Friday. At least 20 people were treated in the hospital during the strongest heatwave in Greece last week in three decades. The cause of the fire is under investigation. What has been described as the worst fire in decades has swept through the southern coast of Turkey, killing 8 people. Turkey’s top forestry official said that since July 28, 217 fires in more than half of the country’s provinces have been brought under control, but firefighters are still working on Saturday to control 6 fires in two provinces.

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In Mugla Province:

On the coast of Turkey, this is an area popular with tourists. Some fires appeared to be under control on Saturday, but the Minister of Forestry said that the fires in the Milas area are still burning.
Municipal officials in Antalya on the Turkish Mediterranean coast said wild horses live around the Enif Plain and wildfires are still burning.

In the past few weeks, a fire broke out in Siberia in northern Russia, forcing more than a dozen villages to evacuate on Saturday. This year, wildfires burned a total of nearly 15 million acres in Russia.

In the United States, hot, dry, gusty weather has also contributed to the devastating wildfires in California.

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