Will Joe Kennedy lose the election in Massachusetts?

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After nearly half a century in Congress, Democratic Senator Ed Markey is looking forward to his life competing with Congressman Joe Kennedy III. The legendary political family The young and televised standard-bearer, he announced the urgent news in September 2019.

About a year later, Markey, now 74, entered election day and became the leader-touting his alliance with Rep.

This race election-which split the Democrats in Washington and tested the durability of the Kennedy brand in Massachusetts. May be the first time a member of the family has lost in the state’s history.

Markey aligns with progressive leaders

At the same time that some long-serving public officials have recently lost their primaries due to the loss of vitality. Young Democrats have run away from the left, and Markey. Who was first elected to Congress before Kennedy’s birth, is closely integrated with leading progressives

In an interview with ABC News on the campaign bus:

Markey recalled that after New York’s first victory in 2018, Ocasio-Cortez invited the Senate restaurant at the Presidential Palace in Washington to lunch-the meeting continued.

 Markey told ABC News: “As Alexander Ocasio-Cortez has been saying, I am a candidate for change in this game.

” He mentioned New York in a 15-minute interview. Democrats about six times”.

In a viral video produced by the youth-led environmental organization Sunrise Movement, Markey said:

“With all proper respect, it’s time to start asking what your country can do for you. ” Support Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary.

President John F. Kennedy’s famous understatement is the several times that Markey subtly mentioned the Kennedy family. He showed this, in order to deepen the contrast between the backgrounds of the two candidates.

In the final debate, Markey commissioned Kennedy to take charge of reports that his father, former Rep. Joe Kennedy II, was funding a super PAC attack on the senator.

Mackey said: “Tell your father that you don’t want this money to be spent on negative advertising. ” Kennedy pointed out that he had publicly and repeatedly opposed negative advertising.

The 39-year-old Kennedy spent most of his time playing down his pedigree on the track before lashing out at Markey’s family in the last debate.

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