Will Rogers Remembered By Google On His 140th Birthday

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On Monday, Google featured an animated Doodle that was aimed to honor the famous actor, humorists as well as cowboy, Will Rogers. This was done on his 140th birthday. This popular entertainer was remembered by Google because he was a member of the proud Cherokee Nation. This was done in reference to the Native American Indian Heritage Month.

Who was Will Rogers?

Will Rogers biography
What Will Rogers was involved in

Will Rogers is regarded as being “America’s Cowboy Philosopher. He was an entertainer who claimed that he had never met any person that he did not prefer.

November 4 1879 was when he was born. He was born on a frontier ranch close to what later became Oologah, Oklahoma. The entertainer grew up working with different Texas longhorns. He was skilled at various rope tricks. This resulted in him taking part in exciting Wild West shows along with on Broadway within the Ziegfeld Follies.

Rogers was a popular Cherokee citizen. He was referred to as “Oklahoma’s Favorite Son.” His family was Cherokee. Due to his occupation like an entertainer as well as a humorist, this famous personality traveled across the world three times.

What Will Rogers was involved in

Rogers began working in many films. It has been said that he made 71 wonderful films, there were 50 silent films along with 21 “talkies”. He hosted a famous radio show as well. Apart from this, he wrote some best selling books. He writes above 4,000 good nationally syndicated newspaper columns.

He even became a social commentator. It was in 1926 that he said “I have never met a man I didn’t like,” This quote become famous. He was referring to the Marxist revolutionary, namely Leon Trotsky. This quote became a famous adage at the time that individuals were talking about politicians as well as world leaders that held beliefs which were unpopular.

Rogers was even an unofficial ambassador for his country, i.e. the United States. He has an influence which can also be seen today. This is what Jennifer Rogers-Etcheverry said to Google Doodle. She is Rogers great-granddaughter. She claims that Will did not differentiate between people according to their status. He used to interact with the common man. He provided ease as well as relief to those people who were suffering from everything like natural disasters, the Great Depression.

In the mid-1930s he was very popular within the United States, is a leading political wit as well as the most paid Hollywood film stars.

Will Rogers passed away in 1935. This was in a plane crash that occurred in Alaska. He was 55 years old at the time that he died.

Google Doodle Honoring Will Rogers

On November 4, 2019 the animated homepage Doodle tends to be a wonderful homage when considering Will Roger’s fame like a multi-talented multi-tasker. This is because it shows him writing whilst lassoing along with laying on the galloping horse. This mixture of tasks does seem rather absurd, however Google shared some amazing photos that were from the Rogers’ estate, like an awesome image depicting Will spinning a lasso whilst penning something.

Kevin Laughlin who is a San Francisco artist, is the one who made this fun Doodle. It was in partnership with the memorable Will Rogers Memorial. At the time that he was asked what actually inspires him concerning Rogers’ life, he shared one of his favorite quotes. This tells what Rogers really is. The quote is the popular one that has been stated above. Laughlin claims that he likes those people who only see the positive side when there is adversity. Will was one of these people.

Google Doodle in other parts of the world on this date

In other parts of the world, on the day that Rogers Doodle had been put up, residents of Colombia were given a Doodle that honored the popular anthropologist, i.e. Virginia Gutierrez de Pineda. This was on her 98th birthday. When looking at Pineda, her efforts, as well as research, impacted reshaping the particular family structure present in Colombia.

Google Doodle encourages people to know about famous personalities like Will Rogers by presenting fun Doodles on important days concerned with them. This allows their memory to continue living on and their work remembered.

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