Will Smith reveals the three things his movie needs to make him a big star

Will Smith is just one of the biggest celebrities of the past three decades-no accident. Smith wanted to be the world’s largest movie star. He came up with a formula that could help him pick out his own works. Interestingly, Smith deviated from this formula.

Will Smith’s master plan?

According to the “Hollywood Reporter”, Smith had a conversation with his agent James Lassiter early in his career. Lassiter is known for making many of Smith’s movies, including Ali, Me, Robot and Hancock.

 He said:

‘Okay. Okay, let’s figure out what this means.’ Then, he went to the top ten movies of all time, the list of the top ten movies of all time-the top ten box office performances we I also studied them and adjusted them based on the inflation rate and comparison with the dollar value. In addition, we looked at all the different changes.” Smith and Lassiter found that the highest-grossing film has three major elements.

Is the plan really effective?

You can see his formula in some of Smith’s early achievements. For example, “Independence Day” has special effects, including a wealth of extraterrestrial creatures, the role of Smith and the romantic feelings between Vivica A. Fox. In addition, “Wild West” also has special effects, a certain creature (a giant mechanical spider) and some flirting (if not true romance).

However, many of Smith’s later movies (such as “Ali”, “In Pursuit of Happiness” and “Seven Pounds”) did not fit this formula. In any case, Smith still got his wish. Hollywood agents told the “Hollywood Reporter” that he may be the highest-paid actor in Hollywood.

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Will Smith like all his movies?

He has a formula for choosing movies. According to Cinema Blend, this does not mean that he likes all his movies.


 He told Jimmy Fallon that he must always praise his movies when he is on tour.

Many years after the films were released, he would criticize these films, for example when he told Fallon, he was disappointed with the men in the unspecified “Black Sequel”. He undoubtedly performed very well at the press conference-regardless of whether his films have special effects, creatures, and love stories.

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