Willow: behind-the-scenes facts about the Val Kilmer movie that you may not know

Although George Lucas is known for his key roles in “Star Wars”, “Indiana Jones” and “The Labyrinth”, some movie fans may quickly forget the 1988 “Willow”.

This fantasy adventure blockbuster is directed by Ron Howard and starred by Warwick Davis. It received mixed reviews and moderate box office, but over time, its loyal supporters gradually increased, so that there may be no sequel later.

This Oscar-nominated Lucas movie is starring Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley and Jean Marsh at the same time.

 This movie is not the same as Lucas The most relevant movie, but it holds a special place in the hearts of certain audiences. If you like Willow and want to learn more about how this movie is made, then here are some interesting and/or interesting facts worth knowing.

It was written with Warwick Davis

Some characters are chosen for the actors, while others are written specifically for them. When it comes to willows, George Lucas wrote this film with the goal of being a gaze tool for his outstanding Ewok actor.

Although Davis is not a person who dreams of becoming an actor, after he was admitted, he was successful when he answered the actor’s appeal for “Return of the Jedi”.

Lucas clearly told Davis’ mother that he would later put forward ideas for the performers.

Although Lucas had already conceived the project before he came to a conclusion based on the “Star Wars” trilogy, it was through his collaboration with the Jedi Davis that the writer/producer combined his idea and background linked together and finally determined his vision. Although Lucas is excited about the project, he hopes to wait for the technology to be ready. This will be Davis’s first maskless screen character.

Willow becomes the biggest cast of dwarfs in film history

Before George Lucas proposed this idea to Warwick Davis, it took five years to put it into practice, although the project made some changes in the process . Originally, Lucas named the movie Munchkins based on the characters in The Wizard of Oz. Victor Fleming’s film undoubtedly had a major impact on the film, although at some point in the process, the title has been changed to the name of the main character.

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