Win gold ticket and candy factory, The founder of Jelly Belly has a treasure hunt

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Win gold ticket and candy factory? The founder of Jelly Belly has a treasure hunt but is ready to pay

David Klein calls himself “the candy man in real life” and is the founder of Jelly Belly Jelly Bean.

He plans to hold a series of treasure hunts with golden tickets and premises similar to Willy Wonka. So there is a chance to win the key factory of candy. When entering, prepare to discover a location in the state hunt for $49.98, where Klein and “his partner have begun to travel across the United States, hiding gold-style tickets in the form of necklaces,” released under the business name Tricky Treasures The press release is called “North American Interactive Treasure Hunt Experience”.

Registration has started on, and hunting events in each state are limited to 1,000 participants.

According to posts from a growing Facebook group related to Klein and Gold Ticket and the game’s YouTube channel, hunting in California has been sold out. The original purpose was to open up a mystery for “a treasure worth 5,000 dollars.”

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New reward program: Kohl’s has launched a new loyalty program with more Kohl’s Cash nationwide. This is how Cole’s reward works.  In a statement to the United States, Jelly Bailey said: “Due to market chaos, Jelly Bailey Confectionery wants to take this opportunity to eliminate the misunderstanding that it is participating in a contest that allegedly uses a candy factory as a grand prize.” Today Tuesday.

Jelly Belly said that Klein is an “independent third party, who proposed the name’Jelly Belly’ and other novel marketing concepts.”

In 2019, Klein launched a series of gummies infused with cannabinoids derived from hemp under the umbrella of Spectrum Confections. The candy factory for the competition is Klein’s Candyman Kitchens in Florida.

Golden Ticket

In the ” Golden Ticket ” Facebook group, some people asked if the hunt was a scam, Klein talked about in the post.

 “Unfortunately, there is some hatred. I’m trying to take away this pleasure. I believe in freedom of speech, but it’s wrong to be called a scam… We will undo the members whose only intention is to take away all joy. This is for everyone.”

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