Windows 365 response shows that enterprises are eager for cloud operating system options

Helen Dunmore
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Recently, Microsoft announced that it will give users a free trial of Windows 365, mainly commercial and enterprise users.

Most companies, especially in the remote work and diversified machine environment we currently live in, and are likely to continue to exist in the foreseeable future, are looking for a way to simplify the deployment, management, and control of company resources.

This is essential to mitigate the potential safety impact of certain employees using their own personal machines and the impact of the wide variety of equipment faced by certain organizations.

Thin clients and browser-based access are attractive because they move security and management functions from a single machine to the cloud, where IT can have centralized control.

Many of the Web service applications available today do not provide the complete isolation and separation environment necessary to maintain complete control and achieve maximum security.

The purpose of cloud-based operating systems like Windows 365 is to allow any device running a full-featured browser to run operating systems and programs entirely from cloud-based services.

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This flexibility means that:

Non-Windows devices can run Windows applications in a native Windows environment instead of on an emulator.

 In addition, this cloud operating system function is isolated from the cross-influence of any other applications on the device, providing a firewall for security and data leakage requirements.

 From a business perspective, this is very desirable because many companies want to simplify their complex computing needs, especially when remote workers are already connected to so many different devices.

For any valuable cloud operating system:

Companies need to be able to add and manage many different applications. There is no doubt that this will be possible in Windows 365 as an extension of Azure management capabilities, but unlike applications loaded on PCs, end users will no longer control this aspect.

IT will decide which applications are available, and users will no longer be able to load their own personal applications into a cloud operating system outside of IT’s control. This is a game changer in the way personal computers operate, and it can be an Latesta

obstacle for organizations that allow end users to be autonomous in applications.

IT also has many advantages:

The cloud operating system provides centralized control of the user environment. Although I expect personalization, considering the high cost involved in managing discrete devices, especially multiple devices per user, the burden on IT staff, especially help desk staff Will alleviate. This has the potential to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership, even though the cost of “renting” the operating system for each user may not be cheap.

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