Winners And Losers From The Election Day 2019

Jonathan Trott
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Voters across the country headed energetically to polls. This was to decide local as well as state elections. It was not the 2020 Election Day, but the exciting Election Day 2019.

Main contest of the Election Day 2019

The headline-grabbing contest seemed to be Democrat Andy Beshear beating the Republican incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin. This was in the exciting Kentucky governor’s race. This is a state where President Donald Trump actually won by 30 percent in 2016. Bevin was one of the most unpopular governors seen in the country, other Republican leaders within the state were able to outperform him on Tuesday.

Beshear’s win was a huge loss for Trump. Trump campaigned in Kentucky only a day prior to the election, and explicitly tied Bevin’s race particularly to his reputation. These results demonstrated the fact that Democrats within Kentucky were actually fired up. It was seen that Beshear outperformed specifically the 2015 Democratic gubernatorial candidate within many parts of the state.

Virginia’s State Election Day 2019

Another great story of Election Day 2019 was Virginia’s state legislature elections. Here the Democrats were able to flip the state House as well as Senate, thereby ensuring a trifecta that was with Gov. Ralph Northam (D), and that already within the governor’s mansion.

When looking at Virginia, they have been trending blue during the past years; however, the Democrats were able to gather much enthusiasm considering an off-year at the time that state legislature election was a huge thing on the ballot. This means that the party is well organized and also enthusiastic. This is even for those races that are traditionally sleepier.

Questions generated due to Election Day 2019

Most of the questions that are being raised are going to concern what this will mean for Trump as well as Republicans in 2020. Looking at Election Day 2019, this is not attractive news for Trump and Republicans. One thing that has been learned from Election Day 2019 is that the Democrats are fired up. This is also in redder states. However, there are many other impacts which go much beyond Trump.

Election Day 2019

Loser Donald Trump Election Day 2019

Whilst headlining the Lexington rally that was for Bevin, Trump beseeched the Kentucky voters so as to reflect the particular Republican governor that he was giving his support to.

Trump said to them that if they lose then this will be a humongous defeat for Trump. Trump told them that they should not let this happen to him. Trump should not have used these stark words. This is because Bevin lost. Bevin was really unpopular on his own due to saying inflammatory phrases concerning Kentucky’s teachers are moreover threatening to cut the Medicaid expansion.

Apart from the optics present of a Trump ally carelessly losing in Trump country, another worrying sign is present for Republicans in Election Day 2019. This is the 2018 trend that was of the suburbs rebelling and creating trouble against the president as well as his party is keeping on occurring. Bevin even performed poorer than was expected. This was in the traditionally Democratic Appalachia and coal countries which went for Trump particularly in 2016. However, this does not mean that the Democrats will have a landslide within the state in 2020.

Trump wished to show strength proceeding into an election year at the time that he will be on the ballot. Bevin’s loss ended up hurting him much.

Democratic organization winner Election Day 2019

One clear thing was seen in Virginia as well as Kentucky, i.e. Democrats were fired up. This is wonderful news present for Democrats going into 2020. Election Day 2019 results are better for them.

Apart from his turnout wins, it can be deduced that Beshear’s message may provide the national party with hope. He mainly ran on health care as well as education, claiming to keep Medicaid safe and increase funding for teachers. This is a strategy that the Democrats can replicate within other Trump-friendly states along with regions such as West Virginia, which is another state that has viewed teachers strikes.

Overall Election Day 2019 results have been better for Democrats. Trump needs to be careful and work properly ahead.

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