Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro vs OnePlus 8 Pro

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Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro vs OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus 8 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

OnePlus 8 Pro is equipped with an amazing 120Hz AMOLED display and is equipped with the latest internal components you can get today.

It also has IP68 water resistance and 30W wireless charging.

OnePlus 8 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
OnePlus 8 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

In OxygenOS, you will get clean software without any outdated software, and it needs to be updated in time. Combining it with a better camera, the OnePlus 8 Pro its itself well in the high-end category.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has the latest internal hardware, 50W wired, and 30W wireless charging.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

But the most important thing is the 108MP camera on the back the same as the S20 Ultra. There is also 8K video recording, and comprehensive adjustments have been made in-camera adjustments.

108MP camera on the back the same as the S20 Ultra.

There are still many problems with MIUI, but in terms of hardware, Mi 10 Pro is simply a monster.

Mi 10 Unboxing, ft. Manu | Top 10 features

In recent years, OnePlus and Xiaomi have dominated, but the launch of both companies has slowly moved towards.


This is especially true of flagship stores in 2020: OnePlus 8 Pro retails for US$899, while Mi 10 Pro starts at 999 euros in the global market.

So, if you are looking for flagship products in 2020, what phone should you take? Let’s see.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro vs OnePlus 8 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro vs OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus 8 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro follow the same design aesthetic

Mobile phone design has been integrated into the beauty of glass and metal, and now every manufacturer seems to be following.

The only difference these days is the camera housing on the back.

Cover up, you will not be able to distinguish OnePlus 8 Pro from Mi 10 Pro.

Both devices are equipped with a hyperbolic screen on the front, with an asymmetrically curved surface on the back, rounded edges, ultra-thin bezels, and perforated cutouts for the front camera.

OnePlus 8 Pro
OnePlus 8 Pro

The back of Mi 10 Pro has the same frosted glass texture as last year’s OnePlus 7 Pro (continuing 8 Pro), and you can even get the same frosted effect.

The variant I used is called Solstice Grey, but even the hue looks almost the same as the 7 Pro’s Nebula Blue.

Of course, this is not limited to these two devices.

Take a look at any high-end Android phone today, you will find the waterfall display has extremely high curves, thin bezels, and more camera modules.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

This is the direction that the industry is pursuing, and usability is secondary to aesthetics.

Ideally, you want to use the OnePlus 8 Pro and Mi 10 Pro cases at the same time, and then get a good choice in this area. Both devices have a layer of Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back.

Although my Mi 10 Pro stands out unscathed after falling, it is best to buy a protective case.

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The OnePlus 8 Pro just gives you that little bit extra in terms of features:

When coming to the display, the OnePlus 8 Pro is equipped with a 6.7-inch Fluid AMOLED display with QHD+ (3168×1440) resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate.


At the same time, Mi 10 Pro has a 6.67-inch AMOLED panel with FHD+ resolution (2340×1080) and a 90Hz refresh rate.

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Both phones offer HDR10+ and a range of customization options to customize colors to your liking, but OnePlus is a leader in resolution and refreshes rate.

OnePlus 8 Pro’s 120Hz refresh rate

The OnePlus 8 Pro’s 120Hz refresh rate is excellent, and it is very pleasant to use. Xiaomi went hand in hand with Mi 10 Pro but missed it.

It should be pointed out that the FHD+ display is more than enough-and can provide longer battery life-but I hope that you can choose to use this type of QHD + panel, and this panel can be used on the OnePlus 8 Pro.

Having said that, Mi 10 Pro is a leader in-car audio. Both phones have stereo speakers, but in the case of OnePlus 8 Pro, the auxiliary speaker is a slit above the display.

Mi 10 Pro two identical speakers

However, Mi 10 Pro has two identical speakers on the top and bottom of the phone and you will get incredible stereo sound.

loudest stereo

This is the loudest stereo configuration of the phones I have used, and it makes games and streaming content more interesting.

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Both phones have similar functions under the hood. The Snapdragon 865 chipset is standard on both phones, and you will get 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM, a basic version, 5G connectivity, and UFS 3.0 storage.

The Mi 10 Pro comes standard with 256GB of storage space, while the basic version of the 8 Pro has 128GB of storage space. However, the price of Mi 10 Pro is also higher.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro vs OnePlus 8 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

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Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro hardware

The rest of the hardware is equally good: Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, NFC, and wireless charging. Both phones provide 30W wireless charging, and Mi 10 Pro can provide up to 50W wired charging. Xiaomi bundled a 65W PD/PPS charger in the box, which can also be used to charge other accessories.

At the same time, OnePlus 8 Pro has a 30W wired charging function.


The obvious omission of Mi 10 Pro is waterproofness. So far, Xiaomi has not provided this feature on any of its devices, and Mi 10 Pro has also missed it.

When you pay more than $1,000 for a mobile phone, you don’t want to make concessions on any of the features, and the Mi 10 Pro’s shortcoming is the lack of waterproofness. You get IP68 dust and water resistance on OnePlus 8 Pro.

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The 108MP camera is the standout feature on the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro:

The difference between the Mi 10 Pro is the 108MP camera on the back. Xiaomi was the first to introduce a camera module on Mi Note 10 last year.

zoom lens

On the Mi 10 Pro, the 108MP sensor is also equipped with an 8MP zoom lens, a 12MP portrait lens, and a 20MP wide-angle lens that provides a 2x optical zoom.

Xiaomi uses the same 108MP module as the Galaxy S20 Ultra. As you can imagine, it can take beautiful pictures.

You will get rich details and realistic colors, with excellent dynamic range and almost no noise. By default, the photo is boxed at 25MP, but you can also take a full 108MP photo.

The zoom lens of the Mi 10 Pro also performs well and can take photos with many details even at the 5x zoom level.

However, the wide-angle lens does not work well, and you will get photos with faded colors and underexposure. The same is true for macro mode: the wide-angle lens can double as a macro shooter, which is not worth it.

The Mi 10 Pro also performs well in low-light conditions, but it takes a while for the camera to focus on the subject.

Now, OnePlus 8 Pro is not inferior, its 48MP main camera can take excellent photos in most lighting conditions. But this is not exactly the same as Mi 10 Pro.

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When it comes to software, OxygenOS is king:

OnePlus has obvious advantages in OxygenOS software. The combination of clean software, regular updates, and rich customization options make OxygenOS stand out, and it is still the best third-party skin on Android.

Xiaomi introduced many gratifying changes in MIUI 12, but Mi 10 Pro is running MIUI 11 based on Android 10, a few months before the latest update available for mobile phones.

MIUI 11 still has its unique features, and the interface itself also has a learning curve.

Since Mi 10 Pro caters to the needs of the high-end market, you will not find any ads, but you can still use much-outdated software directly. Most can be uninstalled, but features like ShareMe and MIUI’s built-in feedback tools cannot be disabled.

The OnePlus 8 Pro is the obvious choice here:

Mi 10 Pro is one of the most interesting mobile phones launched by Xiaomi to date, and the 108MP camera is second only to the Pixel 4 and P40 Pro.

It also works out of the box, with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of UFS 3.0 storage, and you can get the latest internal hardware and 5G connectivity.

There is also the fact that Mi 10 Pro will not be officially released in the United States.

Xiaomi also performed poorly in launching platform updates, and after a few months of its debut, the software still had obvious problems.

Combining all of these, it is easy to see that if you are looking for a high-end phone in 2020, OnePlus 8 Pro is a better choice.

Of course, the camera may not be as good as the Mi 10 Pro, but you can get significantly better software and fast updates.

The fact that you end up paying a lower price for OnePlus 8 Pro makes this the obvious choice.

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