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You will hardly find a movie lover who is not familiar with Tom Holland and his screen works.

Since Tom Holland debut in Captain America:

Civil War in 2016, he entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the young actor, Tom Holland has attracted thousands from all over the world Millions of fans have the heart and imagination of Spider-Man as their friendly neighbor.

This British actor is arguably the best live-action Spider-Man. In the Lip Sync Battle performance opposite his companion Zendaya, he introduced Gene Kelly from “Song in the Rain” and Rihanna from “Umbrella” into the channel, which is basically legendary. Oh, he and Robert Downey Jr. are often together. (It’s not a big deal.)

But despite the links between fame, wealth and the entertainment industry, the Netherlands is not necessarily the most famous celebrity in the world: he maintains strict control over his private life, and there are no major scandals or controversies. And Twitter sphere has almost no way to break tabloid news.

Therefore, although the Netherlands is about to become one of the biggest stars in the world, many things about him are still unknown to ordinary fans. In order to mystify some of his background knowledge, we explored his childhood, career creation and personal life behind the scenes. This is where you know nothing about Tom Holland.

Many fans are familiar with Tom Holland’s career in Hollywood.

It first attracted people’s attention in 2012’s “The Impossible”, and then dreamed of Peter Parker. The role of Qiu was put in the huge Spider-Man series.

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But even before that, the Marvel star performed for the first time before Billy Elliot:

a live audience of a musical in the West End of London. In fact, his journey on stage started with Janet Jackson songs from a very young age. According to GQ, his mother discovered that he was dancing “in a reasonably coordinated manner” and asked him to participate in a dance class.

Holland said in an interview with the West End Theatre:

“We performed at White Lodge, the ballet school and the principal. He found me and he thought,’We want you to be Billy Elliott. Audition. “…it almost started like this. It went through a long audition process. It took me about two years, two and a half years to really enter the stage. “

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