Youngsters Sensation Famous Rapper Lil Marlo Died in Targeted Shooting

The news goes viral, rising star and youngsters sensation Lil Marlo. He was killed in Atlanta overnight on a deliberate shooting.

Rapper Lil Marlo Died
Rapper Lil Marlo Died

Personal Life and Real Name

Lil Marlo’s real name was Rudolph Johnson. He was an American rapper from Atlanta.

He was born on May 1, 1990. But according to Quality Control, he was born in 1993. He was raised in the most ill-famed area of Atlanta, Bowen Homes.

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He was a private person so there is no such information about his wife or girlfriend. But recently on father’s day, he shared a video with his daughter. He never used different tactics to attract people to him.

Even after doing research, there is very little information about his personal life. The famous rapper Lil Yachty and Lil Baby were his close friends.

Music career

 ‘Quality Control’ signed him in 2017, the homegrown label. He used to release his music videos on his YouTube channel, Marlo PFK.

He was a famous artist for clubs. He gave many performances at clubs with his PFK crew all around the United States. He released five mixtapes.

His debut mi tape was “2 the Hard Way” with Lil Baby. Some others are “9th Ward God,” “The Real I” “The Wire” and “1st and 3rd”. His famous songs were Da Spot, Chop Stick, If I Got it, Bails, Ready for War, and many more.

Quality Control co-founder showed his sadness

The founder of Quality Control co-founder Pierre “PEE” showed his support for Marlo.

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He said “two words”, “Real Atlanta”. He further wrote on a social media post “he will be remembered as “a man of great talent who feared nothing.”  Quality control posted his image on an Instagram post and wrote the words “May you rest in peace”.

In a social media post, Lil Yachty wrote on an Instagram post that they both worked on four songs on the morning of his death.

Investigations by police

Atlanta Police Department reported that police responded to a single-vehicle accident on Interstate 285, around 11; 30 pm. Investigators concluded from some early investigations that the rapper was shot dead while he was driving.

He was a deliberate target according to police. Atlanta police stated “The vehicle came to rest on the left side of the southbound lanes.  They are investigating the circumstances of this incident.

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