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YouTuber David Dobrik revives the moment Justin Bieber Tickled Him

David Dobrik is a YouTube star with over fifteen million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Mostly, he uploads prank and surprise videos on his YouTube Channel. One of the most wondrous that happened in his life was that moment when he met with Justin Bieber at a club in West Hollywood. Justin Bieber tickled him. David says he this moment is one of the fondest memory of his life. 

David Dobrik

At the tonight show, David Dobrik starring Jimmy Fallon recalled the moment when he first time met with his beloved singer, Justin Bieber. Telling the story to host Jimmy Fallon, he said, “I saw him at the club in West Hollywood and one his friend told him, he is going to meet his favorite singer, Justin Bieber. He was extremely nervous.” He also said that he walks by me, and he said, “Hi, I’m David.” And he said, “Hi, I am Justin.” Then after this simple introduction, he walks with me; tickle, tickle. It was one of the best icebreakers.” 

David Dobrik and Justin Bieber’s Collaboration: 

After a week, David Dobrik hosted a show with Justin Bieber on his YouTube channel, and Justin helped viral start to amaze the fans. In this show, David acted that he hosted a pop culture quiz. The fans were unsuspected about it, and Justin Bieber waited for the right time for his entry in the show.

David Dobrik

When Jimmy Fallon asked him where he gets inspiration for his viral videos. David Dobrik explained that when his friends give a reaction on his videos, he loves that reaction. This reaction always aspires to make new content. He added, “It’s so selfish. People are still like, ‘This is so cute that you do it.’ But, like, anyone in my shoes would find your friends that you could As you can.” . In his video of Justin Bieber, David Dobrik showed the breakdown of his successful YouTube channel and his tremendous story of Justin Bieber.


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