Zac Efron reveals his favorite on-screen kissing partner

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Ever since Zac Efron played Troy Bolton in the high school musical, it has been the focus of Hollywood. For many of us, the Disney star of Disney’s sw is our first celebrity fan.

 Hairspra​​y actors have shared with many talented actresses A lot of screen kisses since the beginning of his career. But with whom did he share his favorite screen kiss of all time? Warning: The answer is too cute to handle.

“High School Musical” star shared many on-screen kisses

From the beginning, Zac Efron has been in contact with talented protagonists. It all started at High School Musical with his real girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. Everyone with a pulse has lucked these two, which is why we were very sad when they announced their breakup after five years of dating.

It is worth noting that Efron and Hudgens did not start kissing on the screen until the second high school music movie, which is even more important for fans of Zanesha Significant.

Zac Efron’s all-time favorite screen kiss was shared with his “Greatest Performer” co-star Zendaya.

 In fact, Efron not only did not hesitate to call it his favorite screen kiss, but according to Teen Vogue, he also called it “the favorite kiss of all time.”

When promoting the film, the euphoric star explained the chemical reaction between the two characters. “You are at this moment!” she said. “When you enter a character, they are never allowed to touch, talk, talk, or be separated from each other.

Considering their background, it makes sense for the two to be so closely linked.

 Zendaya and Efron are both young, both starting from Disney Channel.


The two are still good friends and can get along with each other on Instagram.

Although many people speculate that these talented actors are dating, the first few stars on Disney Channel are just buddies. Actually, there are rumors that Zendaya and her happiness co-star Jacob Elordi are rumored. Although Rue and Nate may be deadly enemies in the HBO series, this is far from the situation in real life. As for Efron, there are rumors that the star is dating his neighbor’s chorus actor Holston Saatchi. Sorry, “Zacdaya” shipper. We can still dream…

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