Zayn Malik is back with the new song ‘Vibez.’

The English singer Zayn Malik makes his musical comeback with his new song ‘Vibez.’ His last album ‘Icarus Falls, ‘Former ‘One direction’ was released two years ago. After that, no album was released from his side, so, his fans waited for so long. Zayn Malik recently from his Twitter account informed his fans about his new single and announces the release date for Nobody Is Listening.

Zayn Malik is back with a new song 'Vibez'
Zayn Malik is back with a new song ‘Vibez’

The singer-songwriter, who recently became a dad, when he and Gigi Hadid welcomed their first kid, released his latest single Vibez on Thursday. He unveiled the album art for Nobody Is Listening and announced that his third studio album is due. He also declared that his third studio album which is due will be out on the 15th of January,2021.

Zayn Javadd Malik, known mononymously as Zayn, teased the second single from the album on Instagram and Twitter too. He wrote, “Vibez out now! Nobody is Listening-Jan 15th!”. He also posted a short clip of his new song with an animated version of the album art. The video was portraying a collage of colorful faces with only white eyes, under his name and the album title in red.

The song to be released is titled ‘Nobody is Listening’ and is a part of Zayn’s forthcoming album Vibez which features 11 songs in total.

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Malik posted his new song ‘Vibez’ on YouTube.

The 27-year-old, also posted Vibez to YouTube in full, along with some single art, a painting of him in a convertible with a ‘Vibez’ license plate. His fans predicted that it is from his ‘masterpiece’ album.

The lyrics of the song include, “Don’t keep me waiting. I’ve been waiting all night to get closer. And you already know I got it for you. You know the vibes, know the vibes, put it on ya. If it’s movin’ too fast, we go shower… you got the vibes, got the vibes” the song Chorus goes.

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