Zayn Malik’s Urdu Single Sparks Joy Among Fans

Zayn Malik‘s collaboration with the popular Pakistani band Aur has brought immense joy to fans who are thrilled that the British singer is fluent in Urdu.

A remake of Aur’s breakout hit “Tu Hai Kahan” features the ex-One Direction singer delivering vocals in Urdu.

While the original version of the song boasts over 95 million views, the remake, released last Friday, is rapidly gaining traction with 3 million views.

Malik expressed feeling “incredibly humbled” when Aur approached him, stating, “I love the song and have brought some of myself to it. I hope people love what we’ve done.”

Even though he was born in Bradford, England, the 31-year-old artist has Urdu roots, given that his father is a Pakistani immigrant to the UK.
The song quickly garnered fans online, with some social media users eagerly requesting Malik to release “more Urdu songs, please.”

“Some languages just evoke emotions… I hope [Zayn] creates more entirely Urdu songs,” expressed a user on X.

Numerous Urdu-speaking fans also rejoiced over the track, with one hailing it as a “gift for his fellow Pakistanis.”

“Desi girls, wake up, Zayn Malik’s one Urdu verse literally changed our lives,” another X user added.

Malik initiated his music journey in 2010 as part of One Direction, a boy band formed on the British TV music competition, The X Factor. His debut album, Mind of Mine, was released in 2016. A track in his 2021 album, Nobody is Listening, also featured Urdu lyrics.

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Aur, composed of Ahad, Usama, and Raffey, stated that the collaboration illustrates that “music has no boundaries.”

“We’re taking Pakistani music global, and we can’t wait for the world to vibe to our music,” said Aur.

The Karachi-based band emerged in Pakistan’s music scene in 2020 and has swiftly become successful in the region, offering music that blends R&B and hip-hop elements.


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