Zendaya Filmed Secret Movie During Pandemic

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Euphoria creator Sam Levinson in the pandemic of coronavirus shot a movie, a secret movie.

Actors are Zendaya and John David Washington according to the Deadline report.



this secret movie name is Malcolm and Marie, this movie is filmed between June 17 to July in California. While shooting all the cast and crew faced strict COVID 19 safety protocols.

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Malcolm and Marie still not released

Malcolm and Marie still not released but according to the deadline report, this film has some echoes of Netflix’s marriage story.

the whole cast and crew lived separately whenever they met up they did social distance spacing.

no one was allowed to enter during filming its strict rules.also an extensive list of precautionary measures was issued to all the crew and cast.

Levinson funded the project with his production partner and his wife whose name is Ashley.

Zendaya work together with HBO and they had to shut down season 2 production due to COVID 19 pandemic.

Malcon and Marie also the work of Euphoria


upcoming movie Malcon and Marie also the work of Euphoria. the whole cast and crew lived in separate dwellings for two weeks.

before going to film location to prevent others from this pandemic if someone had COVID 19.

the secret movie Malcon and Marie also featured by CInematographer name Marcell and Michael the production designer.

at first, the movie was going to shut down due to pandemic

on March 16 Levinson received the call from HBO that his film had to shut down. Zendaya call him and asked he could write the movie during this whole pandemic quarantine. Levinson within 6 days cracked Malcon and Marie and he added his production partner in it and also her wife Ashley.

but before shooting Levinson was writing the script of the movie. they found an ideal location to film this movie.

Caterpillar house

location name is Caterpillar house, it was completely legal to shot at that house it spread on 33 acres.

only fresh air was available for all the crew and cast, glass doors provide fresh air, and the production allowed very little ac usage.

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