Zoom Cloud Meeting, Apple’s most downloaded app 2020

This epidemic situation is suffering not only one or two countries but also the whole world. We saw many changes in this ending year. The world has become digital. Many applications are introduced and many have become the most favorite.

Zoom Live Chat meeting

What is your most used application in 2020? This may be something you have never contacted before.

This is the video application Zoom Cloud Meetings. Zoom has changed the way we work and study at home and is Apple’s most downloaded iPhone and iPad app.

Apple did not release sales statistics for its year-end rankings. It only records which applications are downloaded more than others are. Google Play also released the list of Android applications at the end of the year on Tuesday, but the list did not categorize applications by ranking.

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It awarded Disney+ the “User Choice” award and Disney+ launched a streaming service for the entire application in November 2019, providing the game with “SpongeBob SquarePants: Rusty Chef”. Google Play editor said “Loona: Sleeping and Relaxing” is the best app of the year.

With the exception of Zoom, familiar names rank highest on the Apple chart. The controversial social app TikTok (the issue was kidnapped in court) that President Donald Trump tried to ban came in second, followed by Disney+, YouTube, and Instagram.

Google’s YouTube was Apple’s top-downloaded app in 2019 and 2018, while 2017 was Snapchat’s Bitmoji.

zoom live chat app 2020

The rest of Apple’s top five are more familiar: Facebook; Snapchat; Facebook Messenger; Gmail; and Cash App (a social payment application). The cash is owned by Square, which is a payment platform used by many small merchants.

Zoom was also named the best iPad app of the year, followed by Disney+, YouTube, Netflix, Google Chrome, TikTok, Amazon Prime Video, Gmail, Hulu, and Google Classroom.

Apple, like Google, made an editorial judgment on the apps in the iOS App Store at the end of this year and named them “best.”

Although neither Apple nor Zoom revealed whether more people are using Zoom on iPads instead of mobile phones or laptops, Zoom was rated as the best iPad app of the year by Apple, which is considered by most people for video conferencing local.

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